Games I Think are Underrated or Not Well Known

I'm not your typical gamer. At least, I don't think I am. My standards tend to be lighter than most, and I own far more games than I believe the typical gamer does. (Altogether, I'm over 500 and counting.) Among my collection are many games that I believe are over-hated or not nearly as well known as I think they should be given how much fun I find them to be. This is a list of games that fit that description. It's a LONG list because as I said, my standards are much lower than most people. But if you have the time and the money, I think gamers should be willing to give some of these games a try. Some of them are not well known but critically acclaimed, some are extremely rare, some are common but were poorly received, some are not well known and were ALSO poorly received, and some of them have received both good sales AND critical acclaim but still strike me as a little underrated compared to others that strike me as overrated. Regardless, this is my list of "under-appreciated gems." Enjoy.

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