My Guilty Pleasures

We all have a guilty pleasure as gamers, but I have quite a few, all for reasons I don't understand.

List items

  • I don't even know why I play this...maybe it's just because I've gotten so good at it that it's a confidence booster.

  • I played the GBC version of this game...I don't even know...but it's one that I can speedrun so I guess that makes me feel better?

  • I could never beat this one challenge cause I could never figure out what to do, and the frustration has led me to play this game over and over trying to find something about it but to no avail...

  • I played this game with my cousin back in the 7 year old days...all I could remember was that creating crazy tracks was awesome!

  • I played the GBA version of this was crap. But either way, I still find some value in this game...I have no clue why.