Been wanting to start a blog for a while...

Been a while since I blogged seriously on 1up...shit, I miss it. Once I start getting some meaningful things to talk about, I'll publicly post it, but I wanna get the ball rolling first. 
So what have I been doing, let's see. Recently sold most of my 360 games, got $350 to Gamestop. Went a little nuts with that sale they just had (25 % off everything when you spend $100). Got Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2, Just Cause 2, Alan Wake (Limited edition), Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 and Deadly Premonition (yes!). Too many sequels? Answer: Of course. 
Speaking of sequels, I just beat Fable 2. Some things irked me, and some things made me smile...

Fable 2 Overview / Thoughts

Box Art nd' shit
Box Art nd' shit
Fable 2, like any game, has its high points and low points. It's bad and good, frustrating and enjoyable all at the same time. Let's get started.  

First, the story was engaging, yet admittedly weak. You really can't say the story wasn't great. It didn't get boring, but it ended just a little too quickly. The thing is...the game wasn't created to have a set story to last 30 hours.  The point is for your to craft your own story to make it last however long you want it to last. 

The game of Fable 2 is more than just the main quest line. It's about creating a world based around the choices you make. And I know
Albion : Current Record holder for most buried condoms.
Albion : Current Record holder for most buried condoms.
 that's obvious and that it's been said, but I feel many people forget this point when criticizing the game. The amount of stuff you can do is absolutely incredible. You can buy out the whole world and construct a real estate empire. You can get married, have children and watch them grow up. You can practice Polygamy, or be faithful. Be gay, be straight, get a prostitute both male and female. You can do anything from killing innocents (women and child now die first, don't forget), slaughtering towns, influencing the future of towns, to playing fetch with your dog, furnishing a house, dying your clothes, and having a job(s). But most of all, you can explore. 

Besides the main quest, there are tons and tons of side quests, and collectibles, including Legendary weapons, demon doors and gargoyles. The game is FULL of content that could last you months and months and is worth in the very least two play-throughs. I rushed through it this time because I want to get caught up with all the games I missed so I'm not spending much time on this or that at the moment. But I wasI tempted, and definitely will revisit the world sometime before Fable 3. The last world to captivate me in such a way was the Capital Wasteland, and before that, nothing really comes to mind. I honestly enjoyed Fable 2 so much that I can't wait to download my first Xbox Original title, Fable : The Lost Chapters. The original Fable came out right when I got an Xbox and I loved it to death, but never got the chance to beat it, so the minute I have time, I'll be all over that.  
Besides the story, the game is driven secondly by combat. It's your standard hack and slash and more of the "Fable formula". You have your melee weapon of choice (swords, maces, hammers, etc.) and then your ranged weapon of choice. Most notably different from the first in this area are guns. Crossbows are still present, but are accompanied by pistols and rifles. After the weapons you have your "magic", or as they call it in Albion, Will. My only complaint is the spell selection system during combat. Each spell has 5 levels. To access a spell during combat, you simply press B. Just pressing B will trigger a level 1 spell. To trigger a level 2 spell, you need to charge it up by simply holding B, and so on and so forth for levels 3-5. The catch, you can only designate one spell to each level, and changing them on the fly during combat is time consuming, dangerous, clunky, and annoying. I usually stuck with time control as my level one to give me more time to choose what spell I wanted where, if I needed to change. Not the best system, but certainly one way to execute it, albeit not a very good way. 

If you're bored and find yourself with nothing to play, pick up Fable 2. And if you're bored and played Fable 2, pop it in and do something in the world you've never done before. Play the game with a naked character who farts on everyone and only eats celery...and exclusively casts Vortex. You won't regret it. I must admit, the story was anti-climactic at the end, and left a lot of questions (but that's the point of trying to entice people to come back for a sequel, isn't it?). They hit home with an emotional story, which I know they were planning to do. You get attached to your character as he molds to the choices you make. And you get attached to your friends and loved ones along the way, actually does play a hand in the story;s unfolding. Without spoiling anything, Fable 2 can be short, but is definitely sweet. Give it a shot. 
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 My apologies for the brief and barren review. I didn't cover MANY points of the game. It is late and to be honest I didn't want to write a full review. On top of that, what I put into the game isn't enough to give it the review it deserves. But anywho, onto some other things... 

What to play / do next?

 I'm gonna make a table for this that i'll have re-occurring in all my blogs....
GameFable 2Bioshock 2 Deadly PremonitionMass Effect 2Just Cause 2
Playing?  X      After Bioshock 2 Once I get a ME1 save... Who knows when
Revisit / Keep? X    
Enjoyed? X    
Score? 4 / 5    
Review? Mini (Above)    
Very weak table, but it's the best I can come up with right now to help keep me organized. If you have any suggestion on what to play next besides Bioshock 2, or what to play afterwards, let me know. I will add to the table, more categories, and more games, as time goes on. This is just what's on my plate right now. 

What else?

 Well I'm a film major, so I'm writing and filming constantly, I'll post stuff I'm proud of as it comes. I have a few youtube vids up of some shorts from high school, i'll post those another date. 
Have a shoot coming up this summer, pretty excited for that, still in the drafting stage of the script, but it's moving along far. Pre-production always seems to work out well. Production is where everything turns to shit... 
I watch movies constantly as well, and subscribing to Netflix was probably the best thing I've ever done. I'll do some movie reviews every week too. Instant Watch + DVD's = Perma Boner.
Just started Guitar again also. Never had the patience for it when I was younger but now I love it. Actually learning music this time.
Anyway don't feel like getting into detail about any of this, since it's almost 5 AM and I have work in 5 hours. I'll be posting every day, most likely, about whatever it is I feel like posting. And I'll probably do Checkpoint blogs for the games I play. Good stuff.