Scariest Game Franchises

A list of the scariest(in my opinion) games out there. These aren't in numerical order, just thrown in one random mess. To my knowledge, I cannot switch the order. If you know how, let me know, please.

List items

  • Penumbra centers around a man who is going mentally insane(your character) and you use the environment and the physics to help you solve the games puzzles. There are no weapons, so you can't really kill the game. But trust me, once you hear and see them, you'll want to hide, you'll want to run, you'll want to be as far away from them as possible and never ever look back.

    Again, just give it a try. Frictional Games is one developer that deserves to be recognized and supported and the games are a measly ten bucks each on their website(on Steam too!).

    Remember though. No lights, no distractions, headphones, and very high volume. It's the only way to play any of these games.

  • This game. Raped your mind. No questions asked. I can't stress it enough and I can't even put it into words. Honestly, worth $50 to this day in my opinion, it's one of those. Just try it. Rent it even.

  • Dead Space, what to say. Stranded on a space ship, and shit spirals out of control so fast. You'll probably want a spare set of clothes before you sit down with this one. The sense of isolation and "you are truly alone, you will not live" is definitely present and right in your face.

    The thing I love is that it's structured how a story should be structured. It has ups and downs to keep the audience hanging in and interested.

  • People may disagree with me on this one, but to be honest...I don't care. Cold Fear nailed what Resident Evil 4 and 5 fans criticized, but sadly it was poorly received due to some other graphical glitches and a dragged on, "come on end already" plot.

    The game played almost identical to RE4. Same camera, same aiming, but instead, you could walk and shoot, which was actually pretty awesome. The enemy character models were quite terrifying(again, make sure you play it in the right environment), and the game was enjoyable as well. I just wish the story was handled a little better, but I think a sequel will do this franchise justice. At some points it just feels...rushed to retail.

    Give it a try though, it's probably real cheap now and if you have nothing else to do, it's worth the spin. It's definitely not unplayable and is quite enjoyable.

  • Of course this was going to show up on here. And if you don't know why...just read about it. Depending on the game, you play as a character who is usually looking for a loved one and their investigation usually ends up at a haunted house/village/etc.. But the ghosts aren't ordinary, they can be killed(or captured), but only by using a special camera. What makes this franchise so creepy are the atmosphere's. They are beyond ridiculously freaky, and so are the character models and the way things are just..."there". The game will randomly drown out all the sound and have someone talking, and it's just creepy.

    Play these games. Now.

  • Talk about freaky. The story in this game alone is enough to make you want to keep playing. But it messed with your mind in a way that not only confused you, but satisfied you as well. Definitely, without a doubt, find a copy, Xbox or PC, and give it a try. The world of H.P. Lovecraft should be raped by video games, and I'm surprised it's not, it's a gold mine.

  • I only pick Doom 3 for this one because to be honest, and I usually don't get bothered by it, but I couldn't be scared from the first two because of the technology at the time. And the jump from 2 to 3 was so immense and that much more immersive, that it was just insane. This was my first foray into the genre, it sparked my interest in it's history, and I love it for that. Lights off, head phones on, with nothing but a flashlight to defend yourself. Good times...good times...

  • Now this deserves to be at the top(Editors Note : I'm not sure if I can move it, but if I can't, this still stands, and if I can, I'll be too lazy to remove this note).

    I remember hearing about this and not being able to find it anywhere, so like a terrible person, I had to pirate my copy, but just because I was so terribly curious about how the game could be so scary.

    So how was it? I couldn't sleep without the lamp on for a good two weeks. I was jumping at every little thing around me(not in the game, in the computer room). It will make you paranoid. It will make you believe that you are seeing things. It will make you feel like you're a little school girl, and you'll love it.

    There's not much else to say but, find a copy, and play this game. You will not regret. Where is our Sequel EA? Clive Barker is a gold mine waiting to happen in Survival Horror video games(Jericho wasn't THAT bad...but it wasn't what Barker should be doing.)

  • Another landmark. Similar to Resident Evil, but not quite the same. All these games must be played under the right setting and don't worry, you'll be creeped out. I still recall to this day, walking down the halls of the school, hearing the sound of a small baby or child laughing, only to run into it and see it has a knife. The music and atmosphere literally made me shiver.

  • This was a given, and it's terrifying in a different way. In a way that makes you want to be scared again. The sound in this game is ridiculous, and the graphics match it quite nicely. In an intense match, when everything seems all and well, you can turn the corner and be vomited on, essentially blinding you and your teammates, then listen to them, or yourself, cry for help as a Hunter or two leap from the dark and rip you apart and a Smoker pulls you in to choke the life out of you. And by the way, if you somehow live, watch out for the Tank.

    The eerie parts, where it's completely dead silent, really just add to the whole experience. Cause you know something is coming, but when and where is always a mystery. Then hearing the horde coming, getting louder and louder by the second, is enough to make a grown man almost shit himself. Especially when your friends are dead.

  • This was a given. Not so much anymore, as #'s 4 and 5 are more "action-oriented"(yes I'm a little disappointed), but the first 3, and with the addition of Code Veronica and even a little bit of the Outbreak series, always gave you that sense that you are truly alone, in a city filled with zombies....just don't run out of ammo.

  • For anyone who hasn't played this, it's a must try. Not only is it fun to play and analyze the scene of the crimes, but it really has its moments, and they really shine in the 2nd installment.