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2008 - The summary: First Quarter

Well hasn’t 2008 been a great year for games? A little too great though, it seems for every good game I play or buy there are another 2 which I passed over. In one way it sucks because there just aren’t enough hours in the day and my wallet has a finite amount which sadly isn’t that large. That said, I still got to play a fair amount of really, really good games. Well the only way I can get through all of them is to break the list down into quarters. Now I am going through in the order I played them not when they were released so don’t whinge when a game from 07 winds up down the list OK.

First Quarter

Well wasn’t 07 a great year? I got a whole heap of games for Christmas and I played those games into 08 (some I still play) so lets get on with the list.

Call of Duty 4: WOW, I think everyone out there owns and loves this game. Its hard to describe just how fun this games is. Everything thing about it just feels right (well except the annoying 12 year olds with headsets online) but besides that, I cant find anything wrong with it. I really enjoyed the single player, I just wish it was a little longer. But it seams a highly polished 6 hour campaign is better then a pretty good 10 hour one. Then there is online. Now I think everyone will agree with me here when I say when CoD4 was released is was the best online shooter on a console to date, its still holds up as one of the best and I guessing it will be for while.

Orange Box: Best value for a video game ever. Well maybe not ever but one of the best. Now I got the PS3 version (I also have the PC one now, I couldn’t help my self, it was 30 bucks and I have a new gaming PC) sure, it might have been the worst version but heck, that doesn’t stop it from being totally amazing. So before the orange box the only half life game I ever played was episode one and it was at a friends house. So I started of with half life 2 and even after 3 full years after its release I still found it to be one of the best shooters I ever played. Then I flew through episode one which is OK, still great but didn’t really bring anything new to the table. Then episode 2, now that was even better then Half life 2. It was 6 hours of tightly knitted, highly polished awesome. It had the WOW moments that half life 2 had, cool puzzles that weren’t too hard or time consuming and no boring spots that you spent walking around trying to figure out what to do next. Then there is portal. Portal is the best 2 hours of a video game ever. It is perfect in everyway and I could not find one thing to say bad about it. Sure it was only 2 hours long but I have played through it at least 6 times I think. I would love to tell you about how cool TF2 is but It was almost unplayable on the PS3. On top of the shotty frame rate, the only servers were in the which isn’t to helpful being an Australian. But the PC version is awesome J

Guitar Hero 3: Yeah, its guitar hero. Now I played the crap out of this game and loved it. The song list was pretty awesome and I like the online a fair bit too. I don’t know what else to add to that besides that its always a good way to kill time.

Assassins Creed: This game was fun, really, really fun. It was a great experience climbing buildings and chopping guards in half never gets boring. OK well towards the end it started to get really repetitive and the game had a few bugs here and there but nothing game breaking or anything that made the experience any less exceptional. I don’t know what it was about assassins but it just grabbed me.

The Simpsons Game: I don’t have a lot to say about this one but hey its worth a rent. It was an average plat former but the writing was pretty good and the game actually had me laughing out loud. Some moments in the game were super frustrating but all was forgive after the games final cut scene.

Burnout : Man, best racing game I have played in a fair while. Sure it wasn’t perfect but I still really enjoyed it. It took me a while to get really into it but once I did I just could stop playing it. At first I found it really frustrating how everytime I went around a corner I slammed into a car and crashed then the cars I was racing against flew past me as I respawned and then I would loose the race. But once I mastered it the game started to get more and more addictive. It was only when my friend asked for it back I stopped playing it. I regret not buying the game myself but I might get around to it yet.

Army of 2:
Well my mum used to tell me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Well I’d love to do that here but that would just be being lazy. So this game is a third person shooter that has a cover mechanic, but the gimmick for this game is that it’s heavily co-op based. Now I played through it with a friend by my side which I guess is the way it’s meant to be played. But the game was still bad, the shooting felt off, the game tried to be “hardcore” and took serious matter with a stupid approach and don’t even get me started with gun pimping.

Well that was the first Quarter, only three more to go and they only get more packed from here.

I have a feeling I might of forgotten a couple games but if I remember any, I promise I will get back to them.



So if there is a person out there who isnt excited for at least one game coming out this holiday I'd like to meet them. This year is going to be just like last year, you are excited for 20 games, 10 of them flop and you can only offord about 5 before christmas and plan to but the others after christmas but then you never do because something else comes out and you forget about the old games. Well thats what happened to me last year and I think it will happen again this year. But this year I am going to write a list, yes a list and this list will state all the games I am looking foward to and when they come out I will put their review score next to them and I will buy all the good games and cross them off one-by-one. simple.

so here is the list:


The well over due blog...

So this is the blog I have been meaning to write ever since the site launched, you know, the one which I just talk about how I love games and have consoles x, y and z and like games a,c,d and hate games b and f. But anyway, let’s begin....

Hello, I am an Australian gamer who enjoys games. There, I said it.

Anyway, I have a ps3, wii and new kickass pc as well as a PSP. I like a lot of different games, i really like games with a good story or games that are just plain fun and I hate sport games and games that cheat you into death or have a cheap difficulty or games that request you to do things that are stupidly impossible. But besides that I'm happy. I have a decent game collection but nothing to boast about, for some stupid i sold off all my last gen games but in a way I'm not that pissed off that i did because its not often i think "damn, I wish I still had that."

Anyway, back on topic. The PC- the true gaming plat form apparently. Some people say its dying or dead or something. I’m saying its going through puberty and it’s a very awkward time. Its going more download then retail which I think is the way it should be, I think once a good, solid platform in which you can go and download what ever you want for a decent price the PC will come back as the best plat form, but until then it will be in this awkward position where publishers don’t want to put games out on pc in retail because they will be pirated like a bitch or just straight up not sell.

then there is the PS3, in a few words I'd say its my favourite console but is not without its faults. It has enough power to do almost anything, it has a great online but its not perfect, the whole blu-ray thing is good and well I just like it. Its simple but has depth and i think that is has a better layout than the other consoles. I'm not going to get in a fanboy war because i hate those. I will quite easily say that the Xbox is a great system and has a lot of great games. I cant really say that one is better than the other because I don’t own both. the reason why I don’t own a 360 is because of that whole red ring thing, and I am thinking that I don’t really need a 360 at this stage do I? I think the 360 has another 3 years of big titles left in it max and its not like I don’t have anything to play. Also Microsoft usually puts all their big Xbox games on PC.

Then there is the Wii. I like it, its fun, its unique.... BUT, there just isn’t enough good quality software. Well apparently 2009 will be awesome, so here’s hoping that statement is true. I guess that’s all there is to say about the wii. Everything I think about it has already been said and probably better than I can say.

then there is the psp. its a handheld, I like it and only ever use it when I go away. I don’t really see the point of playing a handheld when I have a big TV.

well, I'm tired and giving up. I was actually going to put some effort into writing this but I really cant be bothered. I am going to bed.



When will google stop?

Well, I'll put it this way. Valve is awesome, it is doing fine by its self and doesn’t need a billion dollar company to buy it out.

Look at what Google did to youtube, it turned a site that was pure awesome, i think it was the best concept for a website ever and turn it into a money hording cow. Youtube used to be about show people what you have to say or show them something really cool, now its just about turning over a profit and the introduction of partner videos and over the top advertising.

Now if they did that to valve I would be very sad, valve is distinguishing its self from the crowd and does a really good job of offering the best online games distribution of the lot as well as releasing only the best games. It seems like every time Google touches another company it ends badly so I really don’t want them to have anything to do with Valve.


Finally, a website where i can talk about in-game hamburgers

So far, so very good.
I think the site is fun to use and navigate but the thing I love most is how community involved the site is.
There is a ton of ways to talk to other about almost anything (including the odd discution of video games)
I just cant wait to get my hands on the rest of the site!