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Darkest of Days PC Demo Impressions


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Earlier I downloaded the demo for Darkest of Days off of Steam and gave it a try.Going into the demo the only thing I knew about this game was the quick little preview I saw in GameInformer,which equals not much.I started the demo out as a man named Morris in the Battle of Little Big Horn fightin' "injuns" (seriously,that's how the subtitles in the game spell it,awesome right?).After being impaled by an arrow,it's obvious that the battle is lost.But right before you die a portal opens up in front of you and out steps a dude from the future who is here to save your sorry ass. 

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You then find yourself in the future talking to some woman's eyes on a computer screen.She informs you that they can travel through time (only backwards) and that some dudes are missing and something about space-time-continuums.Anyway,after going through some "training" (tutorial) you are sent on a mission to save some dude in the Civil War. 

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The game play seems to be pretty standard fare with the exception of some cool things like an active reload system (think Gears of War) and a map that probably impressed me more than it will most people (I like how he holds it up in front of him in real time,but you can still move the cursor around and zoom in,don't judge me).I also noticed that in some parts the game is on rails,funneling you to where you need to go,but still giving you the ability to aim and shoot.I guess that's a good idea if you want to keep people from getting lost.

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What really got me interested in the game was after I played the demo.From the main menu screen you can watch the trailer for the game where it shows your guy taking out dudes from way back in the day with weapons from the future.Even as far back as taking out Roman soldiers sporting shields and spears with your fully automatic machine gun.To me,the idea of going back in time and fighting in old battles/wars with modern weaponry is a really enticing concept.I'm definitely thinking about picking this game up when it releases next month pending any major technical problems of course. 
Has any one else tried this game?What do y'all think about it?

Castlevania:Lords of Shadow Trailer Impressions


I remember back at E3 it was announced that Kojima Productions was working on a new 3-D Castlevania game,unfortunately it was one of many announcements that week and I pretty much had forgotten about it.Now that I've watched the new GamesCom trailer I am totally hyped for this game.It looks to be a mix between God of War and Ninja Gaiden set in the Castlevania universe.The combat looked really fun as did the platforming bits that they showed. Konami seems to be going all out on this one including hiring Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard/Prof.X) as a voice actor.Kojima Productions is known for their high production values and looks to be keeping in line with their reputation on this game.I can't wait to check it out when it drops next year.Is anybody else looking forward to this?


Halo 3:Now With 100% More Video

 I know this is old news for anyone that frequents,but I just now got around to renewing my Bungie Pro subscription,thus giving me access to the new "render-to-video" feature.For those that don't know this is a feature that allows you to take a Halo3 film you've recorded in the game,upload it to and render it to video form.So here is my first rendered video,it's not much,just a film clip I recorded back when Halo 3 came out of me taking out a banshee with a shotty blast to the underbelly.

This is from a game back when the Legendary map pack first came out.When I saw the rocket I thought I was dead,didn't expect to come out with a double kill,lol,good stuff.  
This is from an older game back when Halo3 came out,funny how the chopper just seemed to dangle there on the edge for a few seconds,lol,crazy stuff.
 Well that's it for now hope you liked 'em,I'll be making some more (and better ones) soon,these were just some I've had sitting on my file share for a while.

Dust:An Elysian Tale

I heard about this game the other day listening to a podcast (I can't remember witch one,I listen to quite a few of them) and decided to go check it out.Graphically the game looks beautiful,but the animation is the real star here as the movements look very,very fluid.It looks to be a kind of 2-D side scrolling action-rpg.Judging by the video you can really rack up the combos and there appears to be alot happening on screen at once.The crazy thing is that this is an indie game that is a contestant in Microsoft's XNA Dream.Build.Play contest.I really hope they release this for XBLA and soon as I would love to get my hands on this game.And to think that there are still people who don't consider games as an art form,madness I tell you,madness.


District 9 = Awesomeness

So I just got back from seeing District 9 and all I can say is "WOW".I'm completely blown away by this film.I haven't seen a Sci-Fi film this unique and thought provoking in a very long time.I also haven't seen  a film of any kind that stirred up that many emotions in a long time.I loved the documentary style of it as well.While watching I could'n't help but think how awesome the Halo film could have been.I bet those movie studios are kicking themselves for not wanting to go with Neil Blomkamp.I would love to see a sequel,District 10 anyone? 

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I've been lurrking here on GiantBomb for awhile and decided to start writing some blogs.I've been a member of for a while and have had a blog page over there for several years now,but I would like to become more involved in this site as I really like the site and the guys on the GiantBombcast.Anyway I'll write a proper blog soon,later.

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