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F*** the Wii

       So today I decided to take the family to town to do some after Christmas shopping and in doing so managed to pick up some things that I'm very happy with and at least one thing I'm not so happy with. One of the things that I'm very happy with is the Rocketfish PS3 controller. It's basically a PS3 controller that is made to look and feel just like an Xbox360 controller, which for me is great seeing as how I prefer the 360 controller. I tried it out on KillZone 2 and while it couldn't cure the general "jankiness" of that game's controls, it did make them more managable.
       But the thing that I picked up that I'm not happy with is "The Conduit" for the Wii. The thing that bugs me about this game is not the game at all but rather the controls, or more specifically, the Wii remote. Trying to play an FPS on Wii is simply headache inducing. I must have played with the control settings, adjusting all levels of sensitivity, for about half an hour and still wasn't able to come away with anything that felt "right". Even with the cursor sensitivity turned almost all the way down I still had trouble aiming. I'm a big time FPS guy and really love precision aiming which the Wii remote simply does not allow for. Before buying The Conduit, the closest thing to an FPS that I owned on the Wii was Metroid Prime 3, which is really only an FPS in viewpoint, which makes the fucked up Wii controls almost acceptable (although the Gamecube controller was still much better).
      I'd been thinking about buying The Conduit for some time now, but finding it for $14.99 at Target tonight made me go ahead and get it. What originally piqued my interest in the game was that it seemed to have a cool sci-fi setting and that it was exclusive to the Wii. The reason I don't own any FPS games on Wii is because before The Conduit, pretty much all FPS games on Wii were just ports of 360/PS3 games. I still think that the game has a cool vibe to it from what I have played, I just don't know if I'll have the patience to finish it because of the controls, which is really a shame. I really wish they would have given the option to just use the Gamecube controller.
      In parting I would like to offer some advice to any developer thinking of trying to make a Wii game that appeals to core gamers: don't. Just make your game for Xbox360 or PS3 because chances are your gonna sell more copies on either of those platforms than you will on the Wii. Pretty much every core game made for the Wii has bombed when it comes to sales, so the logical solution would be to not make games like that for the Wii. The only games that will ever sale on the Wii are Nintendo games and 3rd party games that look like Nintendo games. I really wish that we could get games like The Conduit and Mad World on the 360 or PS3, not only because of the controls, but because I believe those games would be much more successful on those platforms.
      So I'm sure I'll continue to use the Wii the way I always have which is turning it on when family or friends are over for a little casual Wii sports, but I'm giving up on "serious" games for the Wii, that's what my 360 and PS3 are for.
P.S. One of the other things I picked up while I was out was Demon's Souls for the PS3, which I'm really looking forward to trying out.