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Fried Locost anybody 0

Plot:Gears of war is a 3rd person tatical shooter.What takes place on A fictional world called sera.You play the role of marcus fenix who is part of  a ragtag squad.The main focus of the plot is on The locust little is know about them and its up to you as marcus to kick some locust ass.But is is not as straight foward as is seem the story is full of twists and turns what can leave you thinking  !awsome!Life span:85% The capaign Life span is only around 8-10 hours mabye even less for pro's most o...

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Welcome Home 0

GTA4 lets you play as an eastern European who go's by the name of Niko Bellic. Who is tricked in to coming to liberty city(a totally redone lbc from the 1 in gta 3) by his cousin Roman who had been sending Niko emails about how he is living the American dream.But as you arrived you soon realize, this was all a lie and it turns out your cousin is in debt to various criminals. Who you end up working for in order to try an clear your cousin's debt. The 1st thing you notice as you play GTA is the at...

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Hail to the cheif 0

Reviewed by Callum Brine 5 starsHalo 3 picks off straight after where halo 2 left of it drops you straight in to the action with out a 2 long and boring cut scene like what halo 2 had. For new players new to the halo series this will feel a very easy game to pick when you get in to the game you will have a little tutorial what pretty good for new players and it ties in with the story kind off. Halo 3’s campaign will take most players who are used to fps genre about 15 hours play maybe even less ...

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