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The 1070 is overkill for 1080p, especially with a 6300 for the CPU. I'd recommend a 1060 or 480 for now, then put away the money you save for when you're ready to do a more substantial system upgrade.

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DR4 is my favourite, but if you can't play that or DR3, I guess DR2 would be next. The new ones are very different games than DR1. I don't like DR1 very much because I don't like the time limits and brain-dead AI on survivors. I don't know how that game would hold up mechanically for someone who doesn't have fond memories of it. The newer games are crazy over-the-top power fantasy, and that's what I'm looking for in a dumb zombie game.

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Are you buying it primarily for games? Personally, I don't think the games are there yet to justify the cost, but if you have a few games you want to play (or just a bunch of money you want to burn), I'm sure you'll have fun with it. It sounds like some of the software, like the sculpting tools and Google Earth, are pretty cool as well.

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If you want to run games at good settings at 1440p, then just buy a GTX 1070. Your 2600K is still fine, but anything less than a 1070 is going to struggle to hit 60fps in new games at 1440p.

As for the Rift, you might be able to rig something up with your current system, but I think a 570 (I don't think VR plays well with SLI) is going to be much too old to have a good experience.

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@zirilius: I still don't think those are a good deal unless the content is good, which you can't know ahead of time. The season pass for Arkham Knight would have been a bad deal if it was $20, because the content was junk. I guess I don't ever just want stuff, even if it's bad. There's too much good stuff to play.

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DLC has always been terrible, at least 99% of it anyway. There are a few good examples of DLC, but they are almost always what would have been called expansions a decade ago. The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, The Last of Us, and Read Dead Redemption are the only games I can think of with good DLC that felt worth the price. Even Pillars of Eternity's DLC wasn't that great, but it's head and shoulders above most of the junk that comes out.

Most season passes and the DLC they contain are just absurdly overpriced, like several people have already mentioned. My strategy has been to only buy season passes when they are 50%+ off. At that point, the content is usually all out so you know what you're getting, and the price is more in line with the value of the content.

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I don't like either series very much, but I managed to finish both Bayonetta games, and I've never found a God of War game compelling enough to finish. So, Bayonetta, I guess.

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@rejizzle: You're right, I was just trying to say that SNES and NES games have no value, to me at least. I already own any old Nintendo games I'd actually want to play, and could emulate them if I wanted to play on a portable device. In comparison to PS+ or Games with Gold, where I'm getting at least a few modern games every month that I don't own, it looks like a very weak offering.

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I just hope they don't charge $50-$60. I pay for Xbox Live and PS+ because of the free games every month. I could download every NES and SNES game ever made for free and play them on about six different devices I already own, many of which are portable.

Otherwise, I just don't think Nintendo puts out enough multiplayer focused games to get a lot of people to pay for it. I'm sure the die-hard Mario Kart and Smash Brothers people would pay, but how many of those people are there?

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I was thinking about it, but it was sold out on Amazon and Best Buy here in Canada a few minutes after it was supposed to go live. Hopefully they will get more and we won't have another classic 'Nintendo has no idea how to make anything' situation.

Although after reading more about it, some of the details don't sound great. I think the idea of paying for an online Nintendo service is hilarious, as is the free NES or SNES game that is supposed to compete with PS+ and Games with Gold.