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Hello Zombie 0

Left 4 Dead Review Valve previously famous for their Half life franchise, has now once again hit the nail on the head with Left 4 Dead, a zombie first person shooter. These aren't your every day slow moving zombies, no, they are your fast paced 28 days later zombies, and will not go down without a fight. In the game there are for survivors, the first one is Louis. Louis is a African American office worker. Bill is a retired veteran from Nom. Fransic. And Zoe a horror film fanatic. You can play b...

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One great game 0

With first person shooters are currently overflowing the pot Team fortress 2 is a nice change incenery and has a wide verity of maps. Now the original team fortress or team fortress classic was made back in 1999 and was a mod for the ever loved Half-Life and later team fortress 2 coming out eight years later in 2007.             Now the first thing you will notice about this game is that the visual style is drastically different from any other game to date, it looks like a picsar movie from hea...

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