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Best of 2010

CandleJakk: Best of 2010 
Regrettably, several doubtless strong contenders will have been left out because I couldn't afford to play them, or wasn't interested in (SMG2, ME2, SC2 to name a few). Truth is, I didn't play many 2010 games this 2010, but here's my favourites of those that I played.

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  • Several races to choose from, even more to conquer. But it's so much more than a virtual war room. Along with it's turn based strategy core, its a diplomacy simulator, a brilliant look at the woes of controlling an entire nation, and the pinnacle of the 'Just one more turn' mentality. Judicious use of mods breathe new life into just when you think it's starting to get stale. A masterpiece of time burglar technology.

  • While not as great as AC2, there are enough refinements in here to go along with it's batshit insane storyline, and an innovative multiplayer that's worth several long looks.

  • The story is not strong, nor particularly long; but the well balanced, team based multiplayer across stunning maps are more than enough to earn Bad Company a place here.

  • Beautiful vistas coupled with a strong story and even stronger soundtrack leave you loving this immersive tale of whores, horses & revolution.

  • You spend a ton of time punching people in the cock. Awesome.

  • More 'masocore' gaming here. A stellar soundtrack provides a brilliant backdrop to this unapologetically sadistic platformer.

  • After the first hour, I'd died 490 times. Normally that makes me angry, but the chirpy soundtrack and it's cheerily pleasant aesthetic placates you constantly. A real gem.

  • Brutal. Beautiful. The game that made me realise just how good RPGs can be.

  • Tremendous setting. Ridiculous story. Insane fun. This game has so much to do, and such beauty to it that it's great for half an hour, or half a day at a time.

  • Terrific art style & machine gun turrets in a saw mill help make this game stand out more than a giant mechanical spider in a forest. That poor boy.