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Awesome animations, and a great story. 0

As much as I hate to say it,Super Robot Taisen W wasn't a thrilling experience,but still fun to play through.Maybe because I didn't like Gundam Seed at all.In fact,for some reason,I have a feeling Gundam Seed will be included again in the next Super Robot Taisen game for the DS(Excluding Mugen No Frontier OG Saga).Anyway,nevermind that...Super Robot Taisen W is the first Super Robot Taisen game released for the DS,and expect more Super Robot Taisen games for the DS.Expect Original Generation 3 t...

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Toooo short. 0

I'm surprised that this game was made in 1995 since some of the games that were made in this year were really crappy.I for one think that Sony made the right move to release this game for the PS1.It really is the best first rpg ever.The only disappointment was that it was way way too short.I would really "Do it" with Working designs for bringing this game.That is,if it was a female worker.A hot one.Anyway,here's my review for Arc the Lad 1.The story is pretty intresting.It's like a episode since...

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An enjoyable RPG title for RPG fans and starters. 0

I cannot believe I didn't finish this amazing peice of gem earlier in my life.I gave up because of sheer boredom but now,after playing it,I have proven myself wrong.This game is absolutely fun and has a really great storyline.The backtracking (No teleportation items,walking back to the start of a dungeon, etc.) may be tedious,but don't cry,this game is pretty easy.Gameplay 8/10The bad thing in this game is that the townspeople pretty much doesn't tell you any clue on where to go next.I found mys...

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Prepare for some heavy backtracking... 0

I have no knowledge at all about castlevania,but I sure do know one thing about the series.Dracula and whips.This is the second castlevania installment for the Gameboy advance,and although it's not the best game out there,it is definately worth buying to castlevania fans.Story - 5/10I'll give some credit here atleast.The story is about Juste Belmont,grandson of Simon Belmont,who goes to an uknown castle with his friend,Maxim,to save his friend,Lydie.A few little plot twists and there,which aren'...

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Never played it? Then hurry up and buy it. 0

Let's see...Metal?Gear?Solid?You must've heard that name somewhere before.If you haven't,then shame on you.I think that Hideo Kojima did a fantastic job with this game,and with plenty of cutscenes and action,you won't get tired of this game.Also,patience is a virtue in this game,kinda.Either sneaking past guards,hiding behind the corner,or just blasting your way through,you'll feel like a secret military soldier staying alive,and trying to save the world.Story [10/10]No,it wasn't perfect,but by ...

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A fun fighting game,based on the anime,"Bleach". 0

Now everybody knows what Bleach is,right?Of course you do!If you don't,I highly recommend it to any anime fans out there.But anyway,Bleach is a popular anime in Japan,and has produced 13 games already,and most are which are decent games.Bleach:Blade of Fate for the DS,however,is one of the most enjoyed games out of those 13.Why?You can play online on it,and fight people from around the world.It also has a bunch of characters for you to master,well,not all,but some.But,it is required to practice ...

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If you didn't like Fire Emblem 8, this one will deliver 0

As always, I expected Fire Emblem 9 to be good, and it is. It's far superior to it's predecessor, Fire Emblem 8, which i didn't like too well. Well, that's enough of that. Fire Emblem 9 has everything you could wish for in a fire emblem game. It has a great story, fun strategic thinking, and great music. Let's move onto the main points of the game.Story [9.0]I'll only explain the first few parts of the game to you, otherwise, I'll spoil it. So the story is about Ike, the son of Griel, who manage...

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