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Prince of Persia

Kicked Ass. I was so pleasantly surprised by it, both the general quality and Jake gylenfnekeellelelehal's british accent. 
i give it a hearty 7/10!


Blog of Stuff #1

I'm sitting here waiting fantastically unpatiently for VJ-18, when i really should be doing Art for my final project at college. So i thought i'd write an actual, proper little blog and who knows? maybe i'll make a thing of it. 
Anyway stuff that has been happening lately: 


 RED DEAD REDEMPTION YES PLEASE. Trailer after trailer this game keeps looking better and better doesn't it? Surely too good to be true. I want to start kicking the fuck off with a winchester, the most satisfying gun ever created by man. I want to tame a horse and then rob a train with my bros, sipping beers and raping wenches. WILD WILD WEST BABY.  
I'm going to name my character Will Smith, and be really suave and charming (even if i might actually be a small mexican man with a sombrero because they look great in the game).
What i've actually been playing is pac man championship and worms, because i'm trying to get to 10 S-Links for the quests. They're actually pretty fun games, i got pacman free with my console and i bought worms because a friend was saying it would be cheap, good fun, but had played them collectively for about 20 minutes before yesterday. On top of that, I'm still playing a bit of Bad Company 2, Fifa 10 and the free edition of peggle :) 

Giant Bomb

Quests are great. Endurance Run is great. Throwdown Thursdays are going to be great. All is good.


Well i go to art college in a little London borough town known as Wimbledon college of Art, i'm studying illustration there and it's pretty fun. I only really got into art because my teacher said i should give it a go, i'm actually not incredibly passionate about it which may be suprising if you're the same as me and imagine artists to me a certain type of person. But when i came to this college i guess that silly idea changed a bit, i was expecting all berets and crazy hair, and i do perhaps stick out a tiny bit being a bit of an uncool person when it comes to fashion, but it's not what i thought it would be. I've also met a million more types of people from all backgrounds, since i think before moving to London i had only really met about four non-white guys my own age in my life. 
ANYWAY it's crunch time and final project time. I have a whole lot of work to do but i'm just not doing it. I've actually already got into my university at Brighton so you'd think that might drain some enthusiasm for this work but i'm not normally the type of person to let that stop me from wanting to do the best i can. The project is on greek mythology which is a great topic as well, i just look at the blank pages in my sketchbook and do nothing. OR i watch endurance run. 
You can have a gander at my stuff here, though this was at the start of the year so it's none of my college work -  




  - love chris

So, World Cup 2010 is just around the corner!

64 days to be exact and i really cannot wait. This is a soccer related post just to let people know, so they can turn away now if they are in any way allergic to the greatest sport on earth. 
I am from england and will be thus supporting those wearing the three lions. Rooney is hobbling and our entire hopes for any kind of success are resting firmly on his shoulders. We have a huge bank of stars from Gerrard to John Terry and are a very good example of a team who are far less value than the sum of their parts.. we are incredible chokers and have been for the past 40 years. Not that we don't appreciate the other nations quality, i think it's a common misconception that england thinks it has a divine right to be in the final stages, i don't think that's true but our best players play at such a high standard in world football it is incredibly frustrating when we can't even qualify for a european tournament. It's also true that our league is mostly foreigners and therefore our general quality of football suffers, our average standard of play is nowhere near the likes argentina or brazil, even spain or italy.. but i like to think our very best are pretty damn good.
Semi Finals would be the best thing ever. Capello would be hailed if he could get us to the semi final of a world cup which we haven't done for a long time. Quarter finals should be acceptable but we've had so many heartaches at that point... my head says that's acceptable but my heart is like NOOOOOOWEARETHEBEST
We are in a group with the USA, slovenia and algeria. Algeria and slovenia are rather big underdogs but have done amazingly to get this far and will be up for it like no others. Slovenia has only about 2 million people living there i think? and they can put together a squad good enough to get to the world cup finals. Algeria had a pretty heated final qualifying game with egypt and beat them, some say they got pretty lucky against them but they at least have a decent standard to beat the african champions.
USA a few years ago would be easy as pie but they are an up and coming nation now in the footballing world (not that their public would know hehe). Donovan, Altidore, Dempsey, Howard, all premier league class. They have others that are in european leagues and of good quality. It would be silly to say england are not favourites but i don't think england have ever made a game easy for themselves. The gulf is class is not big enough for england not to be on the top of their game.
BUT AHHH I CANT WAIT will actually be away for the final in greece, so hopefully england don't get that far lol. Anyone else excited? the south african atmosphere will surely be insane