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Favourite Games

As well as my top ten, I thought I would add a list of all the games I loved and played to death. Not in any specific order!

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  • Sonic 3 and Knuckles was my most played Sonic game. It was such a big epic game for me, especially when you play as all the other characters as well.

  • Sonic 3 and Knuckles was my most played Sonic game. It was such a big epic game for me, especially when you play as all the other characters as well. I was more keen on Sonic 3 plugged in than Sonic 2, though.

  • This was the first game that made me go "Wow!" I was totally blown away by it.

  • I actually cried when I completed Sonic 2 on the MegaDrive.. Is that really sad? :P

  • The second Dreamcast game I got. It had a really epic story, but wasn't as good as Sonic Adventure 2.

  • Oh I LOVED this game, I spent hours alone just raising my ickle Chao, Cuckoo!

  • Of course, I bought a Mega CD just for this game. I really loved the time travel elements of the game and the graphics/animation was simply awesome. The bosses were cool, and the little mini-Sonic made me laugh numerous times. I had the European version, which was the Japanese soundtrack, far superior to the US soundtrack. I loved the music so much.

  • The reason I bought a 32X. I actually really liked this game, the ring-binding elements was really unqiue at the time and really added a sense of co-op to the games, which the previous Sonic games didn't really have. The graphics were so colourful and I loved the music. It was such a fun game!

  • Okay, I actually liked this game. It was different from other racing games and had an aspect of exploration that I really liked. I enjoyed unlocking all the different things, and, hey, I even liked the music too. I can sing you all of the songs off by heart. Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your day! Don't you feel that sometimes you just need to runaway?

  • Soul Calibur was the first game I got for the Dreamcast. I had already discovered the joy of Soul Blade, so was quite excited by Soul Calibur and was blown away by the graphics at the time. I played this game to death at the time.

  • I first saw this at the arcade in Meadowhall. I saw Siegfried and became obsessed with him, as at the time I was still young and had this whole 'knight' thing going on. Anyway, I was a Sega nut at the time, but when I bought a PS1, it was one of the first games I picked up. I loved the edge master mode and how you could collect weapons and lock weapons in combat. It was the first weapons-based beat 'em up I had ever saw and I loved it!

  • This was one of the first RPG's I ever played, when I was discovering them. The game was so huge and charming I just couldn't help but fall in love with it. I really hope it lands on the Wii Virtual Console at some point..

  • This was a must have game for me when I got a Saturn. I was so disappointed that Scenario 2 and 3 were never released, but that didn't stop me picking up and playing it constantly. There were some epic battles in SF3.

  • Yeah, I count this as one of my favourites. I still pick it up and play it from time to time. I'm not sure what it is about it that I find so charming, maybe I just like playing though a semi-traditional RPG from time to time :)

  • Oh why was Dragon Force 2 never localised? I LOVED this game. Played it constantly as every character. My favourite character campaign was probably Goldark's though. The story and artwork for this game was really nice, I wish I could have picked up the updated version from somewhere.

  • I actually went all the way to Sega World to buy this game with the Analog controller. A true classic, and with some of the most amazing graphics and FMV I had ever seen at the time. The last level was such an amazingly emotional experience. I haven't really played through Journey of Dreams that much though, I really should get into it.

  • I ended up with two copies of this, one from a special game deal and the other from the cover of Sega Saturn Magazine. I loved Sega so much when they released this, I've never had so much fun with a game that was practically a demo!

  • I don't think the Saturn handled this game very well, I think it would be awesome on the Wii with updated graphics and controls. The graphics were really terrible, but I stuck with it and enjoyed it anyway.

  • For Dreamcast users, Chu Chu Rocket was the first game we ever played online. And what was better? Sega gave it to us FOR FREE! I LOVE YOU SEGA! *cough* I really had fun with this with game, but I was rubbish at it online >_>

  • Best RPG on the Dreamcast? Can't really think of any others to be honest. This was such a unique and fun game, the ship battles were incredibly awesome. I recently got a copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends and it reminds me of all the fun I had with this truly great game. It doesn't surprise me that rumours of a sequel are always in the air.

  • How much fun can you have in a game looking for sailors? This game was epic, it was the most realistic I had ever played, and whilst I'm not a huge beat 'em up fan, I really liked the fighting sections here. The QTE sections were pretty cool. I want to play this again :(

  • I own this on the Xbox, which meant I finally got to hear Ren's voice! Yay! This introduced a lot of other realistic elements, like having to find a job to pay for a hotel and the story was interesting enough to keep me going. The character of Ren was also cool. I wish they had created a Shenmue 3 though, the story was left hanging at the end.

  • I had this on the Dreamcast and loved it a lot, I never had so much fun with a game. Can't wait for the Wii version!

  • This was one of the only games I ever imported, but boy was it worth it! I loved my ickle bitty Seaman, and the voice of Leonard Nimoy was so soothing and peaceful. I had hours of fun with my Seaman, he always seemed a bit pissy though. I would so love to play this again.

  • This was my favourite multiplayer game on the Saturn. I spent hours with friends playing co-op through the stages, as well as unlocking all of the characters in the battle mode for lots of fun. The game itself was the most fun I ever had with a side-scrolling beat 'em up, even more so than Streets of Rage. The RPG elements and multiple paths added great replayability. I really loved the golden/undead warrior as well, I used to get all excited when he started exploding away!

  • Heh, this was one of the most fun puzzle games I ever played too, maybe cos of the cute chibi Street Fighter characters, or the exceptionally long name. I must pick this up on Xbox Live sometime.

  • How epic was this game! Incredibly underated but bloody amazing, it remains to this day, the most original and unique RPG I have ever played. I own disc one. Maybe one day I'll be super rich and buy the rest..

  • Whilst I have never played any of the other games in the series, I really enjoyed Wild Arms and love to play though it.

  • Although I have played other games in the series, Breath of Fire 3 remains my solid favourite due to the charming graphics and story. I love RPG's where I can explore the world, and BOF3 gives me some great memories.

  • Of course Rez is one of my favourite games, it's in my top five, if I had a top five!

  • I've played all of the PSO games and love them all, but won't add them all individually. I got a hold of the Japanese version and loved it even before I could go online, and as soon as I could.. I had a phone bill worth £500 :\

  • Fable, and The Lost Chapters is one of my favourite games and has been completed so many times. Being evil is way more fun though. To say that Fable 2 is my must have game of the year would be an understatement..

  • One of my first proper RPG's, it sucked me in and held on for dear life. It was one of the few RPG's that I would stay up all night to play. You don't need me to tell you how great it is!

  • I really liked FF8 as well. I wasn't that interested in FF9, or even 10, but I loved the sci-fi theme of FF8 and, it may have been the hype of just completing FF7, but I really got into this game a lot. The FMV was really mind blowing.

  • I first tried to play Morrowind on a crap PC and was put off for a while. But when I picked up the GOTY addition for the Xbox, I was hooked. And of course I was a werewolf, who wasn't?!

  • I prefer the worlds of Morrowind, as they seemed more fantasy-based and creative than Ovlivion. But I admired the realism of Oblivion and the battle system. I don't care much for dice-based schematics of RPG's. Shivering Isles really added a lot to the game for me though, it was like a mini-Morrowind.

  • Considering I've put in 200+ hours into the online mode, I think I can safetly label this as one of my favourite games. The offline story mode is a bit rubbish though. I haven't played it in a few months, but I'm sure I'll pick it up again at some point.

  • One of the first MMORPG's I played. Although I liked City of Heroes, it was Villains that was more fun for me. I got my Dominator to about level 50 before I quit the game. I still miss it from time to time.

  • This is the most recent RPG that I have played through and I really enjoyed it. The story was excellent and it felt like a really polished game.