Top 10 Games

My favourite ten games of all time! SHOCK! Not in numeric order of greatness.

List items

  • I loved the original PSO games, but Episode 1 & 2 was just awesome, with the introduction of Episode 2. I loved Blue Burst as well.. Not enough people played it, which was a shame.

  • I cannot begin to explain how much fun I had with this game. I'll be getting the Wii version for sure!

  • Fable is one of those games I have completed like fifty times. Maybe that is because it is so short! I can't wait for Fable 2.

  • I suppose this is everyones favourite RPG. I liked FF8 a lot, not so keen on nine. I think it is the mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy that does it for me. Great story and characters, although I'm not that keen on the spin-offs and prequels that keep popping up. FF7 was the reason I bought a PS1 and was one of the RPG's that got me really interested. I completed it to death!

  • Oh, I loved Sonic Adventure, but it was Sonic Adventure 2 that I continued on playing for months after completing, partly because there was so much, and I loved raising my Chao. I think the game was just better. The camera angle problems were less annoying, the levels were more fun, the story was pretty epic for a Sonic. Out of all the current 3D Sonic games, this one was the absolute best.

  • I played Soul Calibur to death when I first got it on the Dreamcast. I also used it to flirt with young men, what could be better? ;)

  • You don't need to preach to me about how underated this game was. I curse myself every day for having sold my copy.

  • I do like this game a lot, I'm not sure if it deserves a spot in my top ten, but I'll add it for now, simply cos I still go back and play it more than other games.

  • My favourite of the 2D Sonic games, I spent hours on it. Add in Sonic and Knuckles and you have a real winner. Really, Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic 3 is my favourite Sonic game evah, but that's getting complicated, that is.

  • Oh this game is much more than a game. It's like having love and peace injected into your veins. I simply adore Rez.