Attack Of The Anti-Chobots!

A Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast promotional video appeared on Giant Bomb recently, unleashing a torrent of hatred for Jessica Chobot in the comments. Ms. Chobot, who does voice work in the game, is a staff writer and on-screen host for IGN. She is probably best-known on the Internet for a series of parody glamor shots for the Sony PSP, including one of her licking the device. I posted a comment in her defense and received a couple of PMs in reply. One GBer thought I needed to raise my standards and suggested that I pick up a drunk college girl in a bar instead. The other was more polite, patiently explaining to me that the gaming community resented Ms. Chobot's system-licking her way to the top.

I saw those photos years ago. Here's how I think it went down: A very capable writer with an interest in gaming casts her satiric eye on the hype surrounding the PSP and decides to skewer it, Madison-Avenue-style. She happens to be hot, so she doesn't need to hire a model for the satirical photos she has in mind. She posts her pics on the Interwebs, not realizing that the gaming community is so filled with thwarted testosterone that it will hardly notice there's a PSP in the shot. Instant, unintentional celebrity ensues. As a result, this capable writer is hired by a video game review site and gets the chance to show her real chops, which she does.

I think what really irks gamers about Jessica Chobot is that their own sexual obsessions unwittingly opened industry doors to her. Seen in that light, all this catcalling seems a little mean-spirited, doesn't it?


Mount And Blade! Am I Person Enough To Play It?

Having just vicariously enjoyed the friendly camaraderie of Vinny, Dave, and Mike as they played through the Mount And Blade: Warband Quick Look, one question has seared itself into the quivering flesh of my very existence:  Hey, Giant Bomb cadre, is there a way for me to have fun with Mount And Blade: Warband, too?  Wait, another question has just seared itself, etc.:   Hey, Giant Bomb cadre, is there a way for me to have fun with Mount And Blade: Warband, as well?   I have my trusty Man/Machine R.O.D.E.N.T. (Rodent. Optical. Diffraction. Energy. Normalization. Tracker.)  2000 gesture-based input device uselessly strapped to my hip.  I'm sportin' dual shields, 'cause they're double the safety, baby, triple the fun!  As soon as the smack I just mainlined kicks in, will I also find a fantastic World O' Wonder awaiting me in Mount And Blade: Warband?  Oops, that was a another question, wasn't it?  Ahhhhh, the searing again!


Giant Bomb RPG Stardom Start-o!

Hey, this site-based XP acquisition could get to be a habit.  As if I needed any more habits, what with my rampant bunny-cuddling and pachinko weekends.  Ah, well, enough is never too much.  I wonder what that means?