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End of an era. Goodbye Giantbomb

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A few of my favorite 40k models


Recently I've seen a rise in interest of 40k going happening on the site so I thought I would get on board and show a few bits and pieces from one of my favorite hobbies. I have been collecting, painting and playing 40k for 10 years now (holy crap) so I have a fair few bits and pieces like these sitting on shelves and the like.

Before the pics begin I would like to thank The Southern Dandy, Matthew and GunslingerPanda for the follow and the idea to post a few extra pics.  

I already posted this in another thread but the model looks sweet in pre-painted form so another shot won't hurt..

It's not a 40k model without a large weapon and a couple of skulls
It's not a 40k model without a large weapon and a couple of skulls

So next up is one of my favorite models in my Ultramarine army; The Techmarine with full servo harness

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 Next is a current project that I've been messing around with; Ultramarine's 3rd Company Captain  


And last of all is the still in progress Space Wolf Lord on Bike or to use his proper title Engir Krankendoom!



So there we go. Many, many hours of work. And much more to go!


How did it get to this and why do I have a fighting stick?

I have a confession to make. I am a fighting game tragic. Now what I mean by the term tragic is that I spectate, speculate and eulogies about all forms of fighting games. I never miss an EVO or an Fight Club video and I have several of Gootecks fighting guides on the ipod. However, and this is a very large however, I am absoultly no good at any of them. In Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV) I can barely Hadouken, in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MVC3) the choice of teams overwhelms me and in Mortal Kombat... well I am unsure of my failing there as I live in Australia.

Anyway after a weekend of watching this years EVO tournament I have decided that it is time I readdress this situation. Why now after several years of inaction? In part it might have something to do with watching an 8 year old dominate in MVC3 (You can see that here or that I have now financially committed myself in a massive way, more on that later, or perhaps this weekend more then ever I saw everything that I love about the genre on display and decided that it is time for me to get busy with it.

Now having decided to get involved, the question is "which game to play?". First off Mortal Kombat is out. I am no way inclined to run up against Australian Customs, those men and women are slightly hardcore in a way that is hard to describe. So no MK for me. MVC3 looks tempting but I have found out that a new version is on the way ,of course it is Capcom, and well I do not want to shell out a $100 AUD for a now obsolete game. So that leaves only SSFIV. Damm I knew it would be that way. I say this because this is not my first attempt to 'play' Street Fighter IV. I have had the PC version since launch but was so disgusted with my feeble attempts to compete with the CPU that it has not been on my hard drive for a long time now. So I thought that if I was going to have go at this it would be on a new platform and what better way to jump in then with the recent release of the Arcade Edition for 360. $48 AUD later it had all begun again.

This was not the 'massive' financial commitment I mentioned earlier. Oh no. You see in my previous attempt to play Street Fighter I went a little...Mad....

Yep. I went there
Yep. I went there

So $300 AUD later and I was a happy man. Three weeks later I was a sad man with a fighting stick.

Yet here I am again having spent around $400 on Street Fighter and still no where near being able to even contemplate going online and 'enjoying' the game.

But this is where it will all change. Rather then quietly try and fail to get myself playing (again), I have decided that the route of public shame shall be an added incentive to stick to it. So here we arrive at the purpose of this my first ever blog entry, fear of public humiliation. What better way to stay the course then to force one self into the public view. My goal is to document my progress with the game, hopefully every week, as I try to apply years of spectating and idle thoughts to actual combat.

Now of course any positive GB user feedback is quite welcome, as is user derision.

So here goes nothing I guess

Capt Ventris