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Games that kept me up at night while I waited for them.

This is pretty much a list of games, both recent and old, that I got so excited about I would have trouble sleeping. Now these are not all going to be classics but they all got me chomping at the bit before release. 

List items

  • I was twelve when I first heard about this gem. I remember counting the money I recived for christmas and the joy at realising I had enough for Civ 2. Unfortunetly the stores were closed and I had to wait till boxing day (Myers Boxing Day Sale) to purchase it. Compounded with the 6 or so months I had already waited that night turned into one of longest nights in my young life. I defintly made up for the waiting as I still load it up every now and then and relive that awesome boxing day.

  • This game was the first (so far only) game that I have bought at a midnight release. Not only did the anticipation keep me up the previous night, I then had to go to school and to top it off wait another 9 hours after for the release of the game. Now as a Year 11 with no girlfriend you can imagine all that teen frustration making that one hell of long night/day/evening.

  • This game almost drove my mother to madness. The constant nagging that I put her through after playing this game in a now defunct computer store was only matched by my rabbid anticipation that caused several late nights. While the experience was great, it like so many others failed to peak the greatness that was Super International Cricket . The best cricket game ever made.

  • My most recent cause of sleep deprevation and first real experience with the dreaded game delayed issue that has become so common amongst so many modern titles. I constantly played the previous Total War games in the build up to the ETW release, so much so that all I could dream of was Summer/Winter campaign cycles and epic clone war esque battles. When the delay was annouced the realisation set in that Hornblower style fantasies would not be departing my sleep cycles for another month.

  • I could not even believe my eyes when I saw this game on the shelf of a local computer store. It promised everything that I had been looking for in a stratergy game. So taken with it I imediatly reached for my wallet, only to realise that pay-day was the next day. Reluctently putting it back on the shelf (behind a copy of Barbie Horse riding adventures) I went home to wait for the next day (not joking their). 9 am the next day the owner of that store was rather suprised to see a very tired young man waiting for him to open his store. I rushed in found it was still where I had left and have not looked back since

  • This was my first introduction to steam and Client based gaming. What did not help was the store which I had preordered it from breaking the street date and gleefully informing its customers that the game was available. It was however an illusion that was shattered the moment I finished installing the game (not to mention the 2gb download day zero patch) to find that the servers were not yet up and I would have to wait 2 days to play it. Sleepless nights ensued as I lay awake staring at my PC waiting for the servers to go live. I hate you EB games