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Best of 2010

captain_clayman: Best of 2010

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  • red dead rules. i didnt really like grand theft auto 4 much, and this game really surprised me how much deeper it was than GTA. really good story, awesome environments, all around fun stuff. and shooting dudes. and animals. a lot of animal shooting. and skinning. yeeeeah

  • it's god of war! it was some good hack and slashing fun and super violent and amaaaaaazing graphics.

  • this game surprised the crap out of me! i thought it was just gonna be a cheap uncharted rip off but i was wrong. really good rental game.

  • what can i say, it's mario? i liked it even more than the first one. makes it worth having a wii.

  • this game is pretty broken. especially on PS3. but everything else about it is better than fallout 3! the story is more entertaining, there's actually a somewhat more interesting color palette, and the addition of iron sights actually helps more than i thought.