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Obviously Ryan isn't playing at a super high level. For example, he's not doing any blocks or counters.You can't deny that there are some pretty terrible design decisions. Forcing instant fail challenges to finish the game. Penalizing characters for not speccing one way or another*. Dodging doesn't extend the combo counter. There's no timer or fade on the combo numbers to let you know how much time you have. Enemies don't spawn in at a more constant rate.

Also challenges like this are never great. Darksiders had them at the start (although they never got as tough as the 9th ring in Inferno). It feels contrived and forces you to use skills that aren't always needed for the rest of the game. It's fine to add an extra challenge for extras like in Batman or God of War 1/2, but if those skills are necessary they should be rolled in more smoothly. GoW did a decent job by making enemies that are susceptible to juggling, or placing you in rooms that are closing in on you.

No game ever requires you to combo an entire group. It's a goal to try and achieve, and if it gives you bonus experience or something that's fine positive reinforcement. It should never be required to finish a game.

*The idea of being underleveled for a boss doesn't apply here, because you can't go back and relevel more.

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Why didn't you just use colorpix.exe to determine the background colour of the blog so that the graphs don't stand out?

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I'm not a SC2 expert, far from it, but allow me to try this thought experiment.

Imagine playing a game of SC against a player, and having a second monitor where you could see every action they make. It's literally following their screen. With that 100% knowledge you could win all the time as long as we assume you know how to counter his strategies.

But that's far too much information. You don't need to see every time he moves a unit or scouts. So let's say that you only need to see every other second. Still with 50% knowledge of his actions you still know his every action. You would still win everytime.

Let's pare it down even more. You only get to see the instant when he makes a unit or builds a building. Now we're talking a much smaller fraction of time. Maybe 10%. Still you'd know how to counter every move. Even if it was just building knowledge you would still be able to counter your opponent's build.

Clearly with enough knowledge the game becomes devoid of luck. But if you were to do that 1000 times, you'd surely pick up which times checking on your opponent would allow you to predict a certain build, or what actions are telltale signs of another. If you were to attempt to scout at these times and succeed you would still never lose.

In this case the only thing preventing you from victory is how well your opponent defends their base from scouting and avoids telegraphing their strategy. No luck involved.

You could argue that knowing every possible crucial scout time is impossible, or that certain races don't have enough ability to scout, but that doesn't mean that it's luck based. It just means there are certain shortcomings in the player or in the balance. 

At it's heart Starcraft 2 is not a game about luck.

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Forum titles will show up on search engines and that kind of search traffic can be detrimental.

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It's a strategy game.

"All Units! Hey! All Units! AW C'MON!"

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I was doing some random browsing and found a weird trend; the Bel-Air rap has been remixed over every Sonic song ever.

Seriously, all of them. This one youtube channel has like 8 all on his own. They're not great though.

I realize this isn't news, but I thought I would post some of the good ones I found. Since half the fun is hearing great Sonic music, links to the original Sonic songs without Will are under the youtube videos. None of them are iconic Sonic hits, but I have yet to find any really well done ones that fit that description.


Sonic 3 Miniboss on Youtube

This one is definitely the winner. It's got a great Sonic song that is very drum and bass heavy. Gotta love the heavily digitized MJ (or perhaps just MJ-esque) shouts and woos backing up the Fresh Prince.


Starry Night Zone Act 1 from Sonic Megamix on Youtube  

This comes from a fan made remake of Sonic 1, Sonic Megamix. The song is really strong and actually matches well with both the rap and the instrumentation.



Tidal Tempest  (Present) from Sonic CD (US) Music under the Present image.

This mashes up Bel-Air with Tidal Tempest  (Present) from Sonic CD (US). Once again not only is the rap matched, but the backup instrumentation layers in really well. The backup vocals add a weird Doo-Wop feel to the song.


Collision Chaos (Present) from Sonic CD (JP) Music under the Present image.

This one is kind of uncanny with how the opening beat of Collision Chaos matches the opening bass of Bel-Air. Overall I think the Sonic song isn't that strong, but the mash-up is pretty good quality.

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I wonder if this broken quest is a commentary on the broken nature of LBP at launch.

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I just finished the quick look and didn't get anything.*

You should not tie quests to quick looks, unless the quick looks are new. Tie them to trailers, at least those are short.

*Edit: Scratch that, it just took a little while to respond.

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The way male pattern baldness works, your hair starts coming in thinner and less frequently, so that you get less dense sections and shorter hair. Having a generally shorter cut will definitely mask the contrast. I would definitely think about getting a low cut or buzz cut before going completely clean shaven.

Another thing, I think people, for the most part, realize that baldness is not something men can control, so they won't look at you like you're a bad person. The thing you can control is how you handle it. Comb overs and long tails with baldness always show desperation in trying to hold onto your previous look. A bald spot with an average length cut will make you look older (perhaps more mature or distinguished), while the short cut route will make you look younger.

Don't stress about it too much though.

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It shouldn't support UMDs and it doesn't have to. PSP 2 implies new hardware generation, so it definitely doesn't have to support the same format as the previous generation. Going all digital sounds like a great idea.

You can still play the UMD games you already own, because guess what, you already have a PSP.