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DS Games that aren't X-TreeM E-NuFF

These games didn't make the quest, and I had to look at their titles so I'm making this list. It's a catharsis for me.

List items

  • Much like Diamondz, Bratz are forever.

  • Technically they're not replacing 's' with 'z', but 'ies.' It's still dumb, and I'm worse off for knowing it exists.

  • I dunno, I guess someone just missed this one. Maybe because the Ham-Hams were too busy hiding! Awww, look at the cute party hats!

  • Maybe this doesn't count because Bratz is just the brand. But still. Bratz 4 Real was actually the inspiration for Left 4 Dead. Now you know.

  • I hate the Bratz even more now than I thought was possible. Super powers include fashionable boutique diaper buying and the suicide inducing aura!

  • I'm actually just mad about this one. I'm also really anticipating the sequel: Homie Rollerz: Ridin Spinnaz.

  • Apparently Ubisoft is the biggest perpetrator of this trend. They're lucky they make Assassin's Creed.

  • I feel like the turtle here doesn't actually need rescuing, and if he does, the rescuer doesn't look nearly concerned enough.

  • Petz Monkeyz Featurelezz White Dimenzion

  • Can't that Koala just enjoy his dinner in peace? He definitely doesn't need rescuing, he's chowing down!

  • I feel really sorry for the animals that have to do this Cover Work. I got the quest after this, so it's my last one!