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A GBA Gem and a Treasure Chest for Tezuka fans. 0

Astro Boy for the GBA is a title I wish I'd had the sense to pick up when it had first come out. It would be nearly a decade before I'd gotten my hands on it, sitting in a bargain bin at an electronics store. In true lost toy fashion, I took it home curious and excited, I proceeded to open it.The game itself plays like a polished 2D action game. It switches from typical side-scrolling, platforming adventure to side-scrolling shooter. The game's smoothness of play is thanks to its development ped...

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Absolutely everything that is wrong with AAA games in one convenient package. 0

Disclaimer: The opener of this review is from a comment I posted to r/games."Watch Dogs represented one of those moments in gaming where I really tried to glean as little information as possible. I saw the original E3 bit and thought 'I really want to preserve a sense of mystery and excitement with this one.'Now that I own it, I wish I'd studied up on it more, as I probably would've rented it or wait until it had gone on sale to buy it. It's nowhere near as dynamic as the "Vertical slice" that w...

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The Action Outshines the Story 0

There are very few games that I've had to put down because the loss of a character bummed me out so much. This game had that effect on me, but in a far more personal way. Might sound like I'm exaggerating, but I actually led those characters to their deaths. Yup. I sacrificed them, and not even for the greater good. This is something you'll do more than a couple of times in VP.It is the third game in the Valkyrie Profile series. It differs from the other games in the series in that it is more of...

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A Great Game That Acutally Tests Your Rhythm. 0

A simple, addictive and fun rhythm game that anyone can pick up, play, and enjoy.  The premise: A pure rhythm game that lacks any sort of "freeway of notes" and forces the player to rely on their own natural sense of rhythm.  The predecessor to Rhythm Tengoku Gold (released in the U.S. as "Rhythm Heaven") this is a rhythm game that both deserves and demands your undivided attention. Rhythm Tengoku is an example of superior game design, blending simplicity, challenge and addictive gameplay int...

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A Great Import. 1

Jump Ultimate Stars succeeds in transcending any and all cultural barriers as a purely fun and addictive game that absolutely deserves a world-wide release. However, until that happens, you should just import this game as soon as possible. The Premise:This is a fighting game that blends a sort of Super Smash Bros. character orgy and ring-out KOs with the depth of familiar Japanese fighting games such as Street Fighter or Guilty Gear while possessing its own identity and accessibility. The game f...

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This Game Will Spoil You. 0

RIght off the bat, I have to say "go buy this game." I recommend you just buy it before you read anything and spoil whatever sense of wonder that could could be had by simply picking it up and diving in. It is just that amazing. So feel free to stop reading this and go pick it up and sink about 10 hours in real quick and get back to me. For the rest of you who are still sticking around, understandably snubbing such a hasty recommendation, I present you with a review that will hopefully at least ...

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No Frills, But It's Got Heart. 0

If you're mocking th score I gave this game already, I completely understand. Hear me out, though will you? I believe I have an advantage when it comes to reviewing this game, and it is this: I have never played a King of FIghters game before. I am a complete and total noob. This means I have no basis of complaint for any changes to the characters, the roster itself, or the systems within the game. I am simply able to appreciate it for what it is. The core of it, if you will. And at its core it ...

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