games of the twenty tens

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  • The world is a little boring to look at, standard enemies get repetitive, graphically it's kind of a mess and the frame rate sucked shit until the PC release. It's #1 because no other game has sucked me in quite the same. The combat system is fun as hell, bosses are fun to fight, and when you become strong enough to crush them it's so SATISFYING! This is one of those 7/10 games that tries a ton of shit, and even though like 1/3rd of it falls flat, the rest makes up for it in spades.

  • The only reason this isn't #1 is because of the obvious influence Dragon's Dogma had on this game. The only flaw this game has is that there aren't any proper dungeons, but it kinda makes up for it with how you can just go anywhere from the jump. It's simultaneously a love letter to the original Legend of Zelda and to the entire open world genre that has matured in recent years.

  • The post-Guitar Hero rhythm game environment was dominated by plastic instrument games, and the wii was full of weirdd motion gimmick games. This game is a rhythm game for the wii that uses the A and B buttons, and is cute and charming and hard as hell.

  • this game is literally the reason i am getting married.

  • I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite game of the decade.

  • its like fallout 3 but good. probably the best version of the Bethesda formula that has ever been made.

  • This is a stand-in for the return of Yakuza to the west more generally, but also one of the best Yakuza games. Watching people discover a series I love in real time made me really happy, and knowing that I'll be able to go back to some of the older games and have them re-localized in a way that retains more of the original flavour (and removes the needless transphobia) makes me really happy, too. This was also what broke me of the "oh i liked thing before you, so i'm gonna be angry" habit, because it turns out when people like the thing you like, it's good!!! you have something to share!!! is only game! why you heff to be mad????

  • This game is genuinely funny. The pointer shit in co-op was excellent, one of the only puzzle game series where I didn't feel like an idiot every other level.

  • i honestly forgot about this game until my fiancee started playing it on December Sixth and jesus it was just an EXPERIENCE. this was the game that made me realize short, focused, artsy games actually were worth a shit. when I lost my partner on the mountain i was fuckin beside myself.

  • This is the best feeling game I have ever played in my entire life. No other game has ever controlled so naturally for me, on pc or console. It's a goddamn shame about the story, but fuck it feels SO GOOD