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It's Good. 0

Can I just write "Sword Beams" 50 times? They're back, and they're better than ever. It's probably the best depiction of a post apocalyptic world in recent years. Hyrule Castle Town is a fucking desolate wasteland but the far reaches of the kingdom are not only still alive but continue to grow. Every character feels like a living person and every town feels alive in its own way. Weapon Degradation sucks ass if it's meaningless busywork but it's a way to penalize meaningless combat in this game ...

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Brilliant Co-op Fun 0

Rise of the Martian Bear is one of the funniest experiences money can buy. For $5 on Xbox (or included on PC) you will get a difficult, but fun, set of missions, as long as one of the main campaigns in the game. Even with a little grinding after beating the main game, the DLC is quite a step up in difficulty, but the new loot does a good job of evening the playing field. You'll still want to play in co-op, since it's much harder than the main game solo. The final boss was quite difficult, but dr...

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