This train wreck here is brought to you by wonders of Shamwow.

 Hello, I am CaptainObvious and I am powered by cereal. Today I want to lay down some thoughts on few different subjects, namely game pricing, Starcraft II, return of fighting games and more. Let's kick this off by talking about game pricing.

Game Pricing - Few days ago, I was listening to an interview with SWERY, creator of the game I love to death, Deadly Premonition. He brought up an interesting point by saying that movies are being made with millions of dollars behind them, yet you can see them for less than 20 bucks. Now, I'm not saying that games should be 10 bucks or anything, but they definitely should be friendlier in pricing. And by 'friendlier in pricing' I mean around 40 - 45$. Let's take Crackdown 2 for example. It's basically the same thing as the previous game in the franchise, and yet it's still being sold for the full price of 60$. I think that the game would benefit from the price tag of 40 bones because I could see myself in a store thinking about picking it up and going "Ah what the hell, it's just 40$" and buying it. The other games I think are great for 40 dollars are Transformers: War for Cybertron and the poorly selling Overlord franchise. The same thing goes for franchises that have yearly releases, namely sports games and Need for Speed from EA, CoD and Guitar Hero from Activision and finally wrestling games and all that from THQ. I know it would be impossible, but a man can dream. Let's move on to Starcraft II.

This is Jimmy 
This is Jimmy 
 Starcraft II - If you live under a rock and haven't noticed already, there has been a lot of fuss about this game lately. I haven't been hyped about it at first, but then I started thinking: Blizzard released a game that isn't a WoW expansion. That's pretty amazing. The things that sold me on this game are the single player campaign, community maps and the awesome cutscenes. I played a little bit of the first Starcraft, and it was okay, but this looks just great.
The Starcraft universe for me is just Warhammer 40k mashed with rednecks, Russians, drama, space cowboys and a bit of humor. I'm pretty amazed by the fact that they haven't been busted by Games Workshop (creator of all things Warhammer) yet. Is Blizzard too big of a player for them? Are they secretly making profit from those games? Is Blizzard secretly a branch of Games Workshop? I can make up another 1000+ conspiracy theories, but know one thing - I'm absolutely stoked for Starcraft II and I can't wait to play it.

        Return of fighting games - Mortal Kombat, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Street Fighter X Tekken. It's unbelievable that those games are coming out. Now, I'm not a real expert in Fighting games, but haven't those been dead for a long time? The most shocking announcment for me was Street Fighter X Tekken, I thought the games industry was way past making games like that. It feels like I'm in a bizzaro world or something. And the worst thing is that I want to play them all. And I'm not even good at fighting games! Of course, I played some UMK3 back in the day, and I sucked hard at it, but it was still fun.I can't honestly tell you why I am so stoked for these games. Is it the characters? The art style? The fighting system which will take me ages to comprehend? 
SSFIV is the only fighting game I played in about 10 years. I decided to get serious with it, but it just didn't work out. I find it more enjoyable when played casually with friends on the couch or with other GB users. (AjayRaz being one of them). To close this clusterfuck section I will just say that as a big Marvel and Capcom fan I can't wait for MvC3.

To close off this little abomination I spawned, I just wanted to notice the recent increase in Anime related threads. What's up with that guys?  
For some reason I get a feeling that this blog is a total train wreck, but It's my first one so go easy on me, okay? Thanks. 

Well that was embarassing...

Hello my fellow comrades. 
Today I bought Super Street Fighter IV, swayed by all the reviews and my itch to play some fighting game. And boy, I haven't played one since MK4. On Pc. 
Played some Arcade mode, did some trials, it was all fun and games, but then I hit Xbox Live Battle button. And boy, was I destroyed... 
Got my first game in with Ryu vs Juri. I lost, but put up a good fight. Kind of. Okay, I spammed fireballs. For the second game I decided to go with Dudley. And I got completely destroyed. She perfected me for the first round, in the second I got lucky with the Machine Gun Blow. I felt so embarassed after that, a critical hit to my e-peen. I'm propably overreacting, but that was just horrible. I didn't expect to just jump in and win but DAMN. FUCK. ASS. MOTHERHUMPER. PILLS. JOHN SHAFT'S ACTION FIGURE.


So yeah. I just felt the need to make a blog about it. It's not a big deal, but I was never completely destroyed online, even in RTSes, it's quite a unique experience. To make this blog worth your bandwidth, here's the John Shaft action figure: 

Sorry, there are no figures of the original :( 
Sorry, there are no figures of the original :( 

CD-Action Review

I just got my copy of polish magazine called CD-Action. And guess what, they have a review for Mass Effect 2. 
The review is pretty long, i might post pictures of it later, but overally they say it's pretty amazing.  
Here are some pros and cons:  


- Great gameplay 
- Great characters and dialogues 
- Great voice acting 
- Great combat sytem 
- The story sucks you in  
- Great graphics. 
- I haven't found any... 
- It's still less complex than MMO 
Keep in mind that i translated them myself, and i think i effed up last con a bit. Score: 10/10 
So what do you think? I'm hyped for Mass Effect 2 more than ever. 
PS: Wrex is in the game.