The summer lulz

What to do, what to do?  I've made my way through some major releases lately, including a few Horde cheevos in Gears 2 (still can't get into the MP, and I fear it's far too late for that now since Epic effed it all up last November).  So until Prototype releases next month I'm wondering what to play next.  Maybe finally tackle Ratchet and Clank on the PS3?  Chinatown Wars on the DS? 

The problem is that that ever-persistent urge to close the gap with Manwich's gamerscore is overwhelming.  But really, have I been reduced to nothing more than closeted gamerscrore whoring?  Is that what my hobby has been reduced to?  Hope not :)

At the same time,  Springtime seems to always be ripe for an extended run at a major/epic storylined game a la GTA4, Oblivion, etc.  I guess I could go back and buy all the DLC for Fallout 3, but there's something about that game that doesn't really feed any need to re-enter the world.  I devoured GTA's Lost and the Damned and absolutely loved it.  But it'll be a while before the next installment comes along (end of the year? next year?)

I could also try to play Rogue Galaxy or my first Final Fantasy (XII) but I don't know if I want to get that sucked into a game right now.  I keep thinking about how great the stories + gameplay in some last-gen games were: XIII, Buffy, Metal Arms, Armed and Dangerous, Beyond Good And Evil, God of War...  It would be great to get into a 15-hour game that had lasting impact from an experiential perspective. 

There just doesn't seem to be anything like that out there to play right now.  So maybe I'll just continue snacking and avoid feasting for a while. 


Effen M$...

Jeeze, okay so maybe it took me a year to buy Xbox1...maybe I had to buy another wireless headset when you "lost" the first defective one that I sent in for repair...maybe you turned around my first RROD'd 360 in 5 days--half the time it took Manwich to get his back...and maybe I've had more "gaming moments" on XBL than any other online gaming service (okay, it's the ONLY online gaming service I've ever used :P)

But goddamnit Microsoft, what the hell is wrong with "PleasureSponge"?!?  So some a-hole that I pasted in Halo 3 got all uppity and complained about my tag in retaliation for a rare, but (I'm sure) well-deserved ass-kicking?  And now my online identity is kaput (and I couldn't even set my motto to "RIP PleasureSponge"!)  Now it's GrumpySponge.

The story behind the tag is so simple.  Just before I got a 360 a friend of mine told me that he was told he "was a pleasure sponge" i.e. hedonistic.  I thought that would make a great gamertag. 

But admittedly, it seemed that, without fail, dirty, dirty, filthy minds took over and I always heard that tone in their voice when people saw and spoke my tag in a pre-game lobby.  But oh the ladies seemed to like pickin' up what I was puttin' down, y'know?

Ahem.  Anyway, like Manwich said, there's no recourse, no accountability.  I have a hard time believing the M$ can effectively manage and moderate 10 million users on XBL.  The volume of racist, sexist, and homophobic chatter coupled with generally annoying levels of douchebaggery that are so prevalent on the service is testament to that.  Good luck, assholes.   

Hey, Toulouse(r...see what I did there?) and your little lapdog Abla(xi)'re a bunch of f**king TRACERS!