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I'm quite in love with the game right now.

On my way to Kakariko (or however it's spelled), I stopped at the stable area on the road to it, did the shrine next to it, then looked behind the shrine and went "...can I?". The answer was yes.

Also, directed more towards that "You can go there" comment they made a while ago for the game: I saw that mountain, I went to the mountain, and I climbed that fucking mountain (with the base stamina bar!). And there was stuff to do there.

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I think this was an issue for me, since it concerned me in the week or so leading up to release, for a total of maybe an hour?

Eventually I just stopped caring about it once it started essentially raining swords on me. The only things I tend to keep are a leaf, axe and hammer (and if I come across a new one and I've used the old ones even once, I'll switch out), while actively using whatever other weapons I have. I also have about 200ish arrows so I snipe things a lot, or spam bombs on the weaker enemies.

The only enemies I try to avoid are ones that look intimidating, or have effortlessly wrecked me in the past. I'm fine Far Crying my way up to a small camp and clearing it out in some fun way. Snipe the lookout and then deal with the rest.

While I hope there is an unbreakable weapon later on just to have something that's permanent (I mean, I can hazard a good guess at one potential obvious weapon, but I'm still pretty early in), I'm surprised at how okay I am with this system.

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Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3. First an intro to a great series with incredibly memorable moments (and I got to a point where I had memorized every line of dialogue in the first level simply from playing it so much, and I still remember most of it). While 3 wrapped up that particular story very well, and also had some incredible moments. I still play through the first three games every now and then. Reach and ODST were also very well done.

Pretty much every level in the first Halo was awesome, from having to abandon ship to landing on the ring, boarding the Truth and Reconciliation, assaulting an island for the Silent Cartographer, going into the ring itself for Assault on the Control Room, then 343 Guilty Spark and The Library, followed up by a return to the Truth and Rec, and the final mission aboard the Autumn. The characters and world it built are some of my all-time favorite things.

Halo 3 has a desperate defense on Earth, the return of the Flood, the Ark with the Dawn landing and that giant sand slope battle leading to the Scarab, and possibly my favorite moment in the series, "One Final Effort" where you fight your way down a snowy cliffside as two Scarabs drop in and the theme song plays. The flood (temporarily) being on your side, and the return of 04...just so many good moments.

Also, there's nothing that gives me sudden anxiety and some mild PTSD more than Devils...Monsters...

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It's easily my favorite game series.

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I enjoy the Mailbag stuff because I like seeing the weird / unique things people send in. Don't really watch the more standard types though, like on Youtube or something.

Unless it's like an intro to a video before gameplay, and short.

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Until Waypoint became a thing, it was really only the occasional twitter check in every once in a while for those that had left. Grouping in the likes of Danny and Mary now as well. I just haven't really kept up with them all that much.

Also it's been explained before me, but the Patrick/Yakuza thing was a joke from a stream he did on it. I found it amusing.

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2 is fantastic...on console, but broken on PC. I got it running normally (it has some weird issue where the CPU or something makes it run like 1.5-2x speed) but the audio is just terrible (there was a community endeavor to fix it that kinda died out).

So I would go with 3, and if you still have a hankering for more, then 4 is pretty damn awesome too. The only complaint about 3 that I ever had was a lot of the "missions" are just side activities that pretend like they're actual missions, and there's not really any story in those. But the actual story bits are pretty good and the gameplay is solid. 4 Seemed to 'fix' that issue though, along with all of the other crazy shit it adds.

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That's a hell of a gut punch, wow.

Good luck with your future, Solid Scanlon, and fly safe!

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Voted "Maybe" but leaning a little more towards "Nah, Son". It really does depend on the developer, and the maps can sometimes get real fucked with icons rather quickly which is always annoying (looking at you, Ubisoft). At least with Skyrim you have to either physically find it or have someone tell you about it. Same with Fallout if you ignore that one perk. But open worlds in general I tend to enjoy.

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As a checkbox on the menu page.

The simplest answer.

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I voted yes before I read

Itll depend on how long theyll be playing each game. Jeff streamed Funky Barn for 4 hours at his home and im sure they can easily play Zelda longer than that.

and thinking about it, yeah, they could probably put some time into some of those games for their coverage.