Solaire's Top 5 Games of the Year (2013)

So I've made this list a top five rather than ten since I haven't played ten games that came out this year. I am planning on catching up on more of them at some point though. Still got some 2012 games to catch up on for christ's sake. I think I played 6 games (from 2013) this year, the sixth being Bioshock Infinite. As much as I enjoyed the story in that game I found the gameplay both boring and frustrating so I decided not to include it.

I've mainly been playing titles from previous years this year, really have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe I need to stop playing Dark Souls haha, haven't stopped since it came out. Oh and by the way, that is my game of the generation. However, it didn't come out this year so unfortunately I can't put it in the list below.

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