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Solaire's Top 5 Games of the Year (2013)

So I've made this list a top five rather than ten since I haven't played ten games that came out this year. I am planning on catching up on more of them at some point though. Still got some 2012 games to catch up on for christ's sake. I think I played 6 games (from 2013) this year, the sixth being Bioshock Infinite. As much as I enjoyed the story in that game I found the gameplay both boring and frustrating so I decided not to include it.

I've mainly been playing titles from previous years this year, really have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe I need to stop playing Dark Souls haha, haven't stopped since it came out. Oh and by the way, that is my game of the generation. However, it didn't come out this year so unfortunately I can't put it in the list below.

List items

  • This is probably the game released this year that I've sunk the most time into, and for good reason. I haven't had so much fun with a videogame since Dark Souls really.

    I already love the concept of survival; being able to simulate that in a game as charming as this one automatically puts it in high regard on my end. Don't know if I need to say much else other than I really wasn't expecting this game to become my GOTY.

    I actually found it quite frustrating (and not much fun) when I first started playing it. It is somewhat brutal before you get the hang of it, but I think that is the reason I enjoyed it so much. I kept giving it a chance and when it finally clicked with me I couldn't stop, and boy is it satisfying to have a good base camp and survive a few winters.

    In that sense it reminds me of the Souls franchise that I adore so much; they have that thing in common. A true sense of risk and reward, as well as, satisfying gameplay that one can really become immersed in.

  • This was an action and narrative focused single-player experience. As was Bioshock Infinite. Both of these titles are good in their own respects. However, as explained above I didn't much care for the gameplay in Infinite; for me (in the context of a narrative focused game) that is still at least 50% of the experience. The Last of Us delivered on both fronts, I enjoyed both the gameplay and the story hence why it is so high on the list.

    Of course it did have its flaws gameplay wise, but other than a few frustrating deaths I enjoyed it for the most part.

  • Having grown up in the 90s I was the perfect age to get obsessed with the Pokemon franchise. I've loved it ever since really, although I took a hiatus from it during my teen years (would have been way too embarrassing to get caught with those games at that age haha), just felt too cool for them.

    Anyways, during my undergraduate years I rediscovered the franchise with one of my best friends and we both got obsessed once more; I caught up with gen. IV after having played White version.

    So there you go I love that series, one of those games will probably be in my top lists of the year forevermore I guess. This one of course was even better, Pokemon finally made the leap to 3D and got rid of its sprites. What every pokemon fan has been asking for for years I believe.

    I was a little disappointed by the new pokemon though; not their design (I liked that, I love all the gens.) but the numbers they came in. I think this installment had the smallest, if not one of the smallest, contributions to the pokemon roster out of any generation. That was a little dissapointing, however, the main reason I play the games now is for the competitive side of it. Nostalgia wasn't enough to hold me forever. Therefore, I ought to be alright even though it is nice to get new pokemon for the competitive game too; adds new strategies, teams, etc.

  • Rockstar always deliver but the reason this game is not even close to No. 1 is ... the radio. If you've played it you know what I mean. In all seriousness though I found GTA IV more impressive and fun when it first came out than this one (I will probably get a lot of shit for saying that). Probably due to the times; V was not as much of a technological leap as IV in comparison to the titles before it. Although V is most definitely refined and in most ways better than IV it just didn't hit me as hard as IV did.

  • Although this game has had some technical flaws I've really enjoyed the strategy. To be honest it's just nice to have another game at a higher fidelity based on this time period in history again. In some ways though I think I preferred the original Rome Total War, not entirely sure why. I'll have to dig a little more so I can pinpoint my main reasons.