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My better late then never top 10 games of 2013

Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here but here goes:

Disclaimer: Before listing this I should say there were allot of games that came out this year I did not get round to playing, a lot.. Also im writing this super tired so sorry if its a bit of a mess.

Number 10:

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I really enjoy David Cage games, I like how different to everything else they are, I like how story centric they are and I also love how Bat shit crazy they get. I liked the ending to Indigo Prophesy because of how mind blowingly dumb it was. This game has a lot of problems there were still times towards the end of the game I wasn't entirely sure which direction the game wanted me to push the right analogue stick. I really liked Jodie and thought Ellen Page did a great performance, also Willem Dafoe is creepy.

Number 9:

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This game won me over pretty quick and continued to grow on me as I played it. The story is pretty predictable but is delivered fantastically and it is amazing how much the developers are able to ring out of the very simple control scheme.

Number 8:

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After playing Gucamelee! for the first 10 minutes I did not like it. I didn't like the art style (still don't but it grew on me a bit) didn't like the controls and didnt like the premise It seemed to me the developer was relying on how "crazy" the the whole thing was a crux for the game. About a week later I came back to it and man alive did it win me over the controls, mainly the combat, suddenly clicked and I played through the entire game in one sitting. My favourite Metriodvania game of this generation.

Number 7:

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Now heres a fucking game with good controls! This game is so tight. It captures that stupidly addictive concept that crappy flash games use where you do the same thing over and over keep failing and upgrading but marries it with glorious gameplay. I only wished that the boss battles were more interesting and more memorable.

Number 6:

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I love fighting games. I've put in over 2000 hours into Street fighter 4, and many more hours into other fighters. Whilst I enjoyed Mortal Kombat 9 enough to play through the story mode I didn't enjoy the fighting enough to keep playing past that and could not get over the slightly janky feeling that game has. Injustice looses that jankieness (for the most part) and delivers my favourite fighting game of the year. Combos are fun, trait powers are cool a lot of strategy in the fights and somehow the interactables work and don't ruin the game. Also Aquaman is cool in this game, fucking Aquaman.

Number 5:

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3d Mario games are tremendous, in fact I realised recently I prefer the 3d Mario games more then the 2d game (with the possible exception of world). I really enjoyed 3d world but I do think its one of the weaker 3d games I preferred 3D Land, mainly because I feel the type of game fits the platform better and the 3d effect on the 3ds helps greatly. Its been said before but these levels could be tightened up for single player. Hey sounds like I'm banging on this game but I did really really enjoy it also cat Mario is awesome.

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Number 4:

I loved Rayman Origins and this game was not only a fantastic follow up but it included a ton of levels from it! The music levels are the highlights for me however each of them did finish a little quicker then I would have liked. The 8 bit remixed levels though offered great challenge and a cool reward for the collecting the little blue guys. Speaking of collecting this was both great and a bit of a pain in that how you aquire them was great but the fact you have to go for them means alot of the time you cant get your full swing on and run like a madman from one side of the level to the other. Also my favourite looking game of this year, I played some real nice looking games but no other had be pausing a few times and saying wow.

Number 3:

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So I hear some people didn't like this game?

I didn't really think about the plot at all after completing the game except to say "huh that was neat" so that wasn't a problem for me and also enjoyed the characters. The gameplay was also a highlight I know it wasn't for some people but I really enjoyed the gunplay in this game. Columbia was just as rich and interesting environment to explore as rapture was. I really enjoyed this game.

Number 2:

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Maybe my most controversial choice in a pretty average list. I really liked Devil may cry 1 (hell I even half enjoyed 2 at the time) 3 was fantastic 4 was ok. This maybe my favourite one, the characters and the world are way more interesting to me then the original games. The original cast were cool in they looked ridiculous and did crazy shit but there were kind of arseholes and not interesting past face value. I like everything about this game, the level designs are top notch, the graphics are great, the story goes to some awesome places it has some pretty good boss fights, the controls on the whole are rock solid and super enjoyable. I am currently working my way through getting every achievement on Steam for this game and that isn't something that's interested me a long while.

Number 1:

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Yep not much to say that hasn't already been said but what a fucking game. Lets talk about the actual playing part first, again people seem to have problems with it but I really enjoyed it. The first third of this game was amongst the most tense ive been playing a video game. That soon wears of after you realise how often the game checkpoints but the game remains fun throughout. The highlight though of course is the story its delivery of it and the characters in it. It seems to me that when making this game Naughty dog decided to believe in their technology and their audience. The facial animations are superb and convey everything they need too. What I mean about believing in their audience is most games beat you over the head with plot points and narrative threads to make sure get the message this game delivers what it needs too and trusts that the player is smart enough to see what is happening. Amazing ending, possibly the best opening to a game ever. Awesome GOTY.