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Poor difficulty curve

Having put off playing both souls games for years I finally got around to playing and completing both Souls game and whilst I very much enjoyed both games I do have a problem with them.

Now having heard people talk about how insanely difficult these games are on the internet it makes sense that the games weren't going to live up to that and generally they don't but that's not a criticism just how I feel. For the most part I think most of the difficulty stemmed from lack of traditional checkpoint. Like if I die say twice in an area, that is not a particularly large amount of times to die in any game over a level, however each time I may have lost like 25 mins of work so I may perceive that as being more difficulty. Any way that all by the by my problem with the games difficulty is the curve.

Looking at my playthrough of Demons Souls, I played the game in order 1-1,2-1.-3-1,4-1,5-1,1-2 and so on... The first area of each level were pretty damn hard but with no grinding at all I breezed through the rest of the game without dying more then once.

With Dark souls everything was pretty easy up till Blightown at which point I thought the game got a fair amount harder which continues to the smough and ornstein boss fight which I thought was really tough but then after that everything was a doddle. Having really struggled against those 2 I then went on to masacre the rest of the games bosses dying only 2 more times.

Now let me just state this isn't me saying "hey look at me im the most elite gamer ever brah!" I just havent seen many people criticize these games for this. having really struggled against Smough and Ornstein and then finnally overcomeing them I felt like I got the "true" Dark Souls experience and then the rest was just fodder the last boss die in like 5 hits and I didn't even have to heal.

I hope they fix this for Dark Souls 2.

What did you guys/gals think?

Lastly this is my first ever blog post so I'm sorry if it reads like shit, Ill probably do another at the end of the year for top 10 and I swear it will be laid out better.