Developers that have been too quiet that you should watch for at E3

A good way I have liked to make my E3 predictions in the past is to look at what developers have been really quiet. By really quiet, I mean they haven't released anything in awhile and haven't said much in awhile. I'm obviously no industry insider, so take what I say as just predictions based off Googling around. So some things that are being said may not actually be true based on rumors and leaks not panning out. Also, this is not an exhaustive list. I am sure I am missing many studios out there (I mean...hopefully else we're in for a boring E3). Here will just be a taste of developers, and all the latest rumors and info circulating around what they are doing.


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Last thing out of Volition was Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell in early 2015. The epilogue to Saints Row IV was not well received critically, and didn't sell very well either around 600k copies. It wasn't seen though as a full game, so with that in mind the last full game they made was Saints Row IV in 2013. Saints Row IV did sell okay, so it wouldn't be surprising if Volition announced another installment into the Saints Row franchise. Don't expect a Red Faction game out of them either, Nordic Games owns that now, for 4.9m dollars, and it is unknown what they are doing with it. Another possibility is a new IP out of Volition, which has also been a rumor going around. This new IP has been rumored to be more realistic than the Saint Row series and an RPG, based off job postings.


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Rumors have definitely been circulating around that a new Red Dead game is to be announced at this years show. Kind of expected as well that we will get a Red Dead game again. RDR2 was very well received, and Take-Two has claimed they view it as a permanent franchise. The last thing Rockstar has done was Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, and the PC version follow up in 2014. They also have been working on GTA Online, and have some more updates coming soon. Rockstar is a pretty large company, so there is no doubt other projects besides GTA Online and Red Dead (if it is true) are in the works. All that being said, Rockstar isn't known to have a huge presence at E3.

Ubisoft Toronto

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist was a game that went under many peoples radars in 2013. I thought it was an exceptionally great game. Since then though, Ubisoft Toronto has not developed any games themselves. The last word from Ubisoft was Toronto is working on a new IP as of last July. So don't expect another Splinter Cell game out of the studio. This new IP I think will be at E3, whatever it may be, and maybe the new IP that is said to be announced next week before E3. There are other Ubisoft studios that are relatively unknown, namely Ubisoft Montpellier that are a little unknown as well, but Toronto is the biggest one.

Sony Bend

The creators of Syphon Filter have been working on portable games for Resistance and Uncharted since 2007, with their last one being an Uncharted card game for the Vita in 2012. However, Bend has said they are working on a pretty ambitious PS4 title. Reading what they've said in the past, it seems safe to assume that it is a PSVR game...

"We know that when people see this they're going to be blown away. We can boast that this came from our studio. There's a certain amount of innovation that's coming from the technology side, that just keeps us really buzzing."

Sony Bend Creative Director - John Garvin

Playstation VR is slated to come out this holiday, so if this game were a launch title it would seem reasonable that we'll see something at E3 about it.


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Last full game to come out of the studio was the award winning game Journey in 2012. Journey was the last Playstation exclusive game thatgamecompany had to release (besides the remaster on the PS4), and now have expressed an interest in multi-platforms on their next self published game. The last news about their project came two years ago with the news that they raised $7 million for their new project. Be very interesting to see what they are working on for so long. I think this year we are bound to hear something about this project.

Irrational Games

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Irrational is not the studio they once were, they are much smaller now. After Bioshock Infinite was finished up with the last DLC in 2014, they haven't done much since their restructuring. Depending on the size now of Irrational, it may be a too soon to expect an announcement. None the less, they're a big studio (pedigree wise) that has been quiet for quite some time now. It would not surprise me if they are part of 2k Games coming to E3 "in a big way". Ken Levine has gone on NPR to hint a little on what is next for him, a "small scale open world game" with no title as of last winter.

Sucker Punch

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Their last title being released in summer 2014 with Infamous First Light and being relatively quiet ever since besides putting Cole in Street Fighter X Tekken. Latest rumors circulating that the next project Sucker Punch is developing is a Spider Man game. That would make sense with Sucker Punch's previous output of super hero related games. Just basing off Sucker Punch's previous development cycle timeline, they are due for an announcement and a possible 2017 game release.

Capcom Vancouver

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Not much is known right now about what the Dead Rising Vancouver dev is working on, besides that there are multiple projects in development on the Unreal Engine 4. Capcom Vancouver last released Dead Rising 3 in 2013, and has been silent ever since. One latest job board posting suggests they may be working on a mobile title as one of the projects they have going for them. Possible to expect something at the Microsoft press conference, Capcom Vancouver has worked a lot exclusively with the Xbox platform in the past.

Tango Gameworks

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This is a studio name that comes to mind when Bethesda announced they will have another E3 conference this year. Bethesda isn't the largest publisher, and it can be pretty easy to pin point what is what with them. Tango Gameworks is a bunch of old Resident Evil developers who worked on survival horror game The Evil Within, which is also the last game and only game they've put out along with DLC. An extremely safe bet as to what they would announce would probably be a sequel to The Evil Within. However, there have been no signs of any rumors or leaks to come out of the studio as to what they may be working on.

Machine Games

Another studio that comes to mind with Bethesda's conference is Machine Games, the studio behind Wolfenstein The New Order. The game was a huge success for Bethesda and Machine Games, critically acclaimed and sold very well. It is almost a no brainer that the studio is working on another Wolfenstein game, and leaks from voice actors have confirmed this. However, anything could be possible with what Machine Games is working on next. Bethesda does sit under a plethora of IPs they could pick up, such as Quake and Prey. It may be a bit soon though to hear from Machine Games, they did just release The Old Blood a year ago.


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Valve is probably the most unique case with all these studios, speaking about them as a game developer. They've taken a pivot away from developing games, and focus more on Steam, SteamOS, HTC Vive, and their current properties microtransactions like Dota and CS:GO. These all seem to be working out well for Valve, and the idea that Valve is just not developing games anymore isn't that far fetched. Valve released their tech demo type game with The Lab in 2016, alongside the launch of the Vive. The last full game they developed was Dota 2 in 2013. However, Valve still has job postings for various design positions, so they are bound to be working on some game. Plus the Vive also could really use some big game to entice people to buy it, so there is some incentive there for a Valve to make something. Half Life 3 seems almost certainly dead, but the situation and timing right now for it is not too unreasonable, at least compared to past years. Maybe E3 isn't the place, but they are bound to show something soon.

Teams inside of larger studios

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are lots of large studios out there, that are capable of working on more than one game at a time. These studios are a bit harder to keep track of, and trace what is happening. One in particular is Naughty Dog and The Last of Us 2 being heavily rumored and leaked, and given the success of the first one, it is a safe bet a second is in the works. This E3 though may be a little too soon for any announcement, but certainly possible. Ubisoft Montreal that have nearly 2,600 employees yet are only known to be working on For Honor new game wise, it is almost guaranteed they are working on at least something else.

Either way, E3 is an exciting time that's for sure. I may get lucky with calling out some of these studios, but that would be nothing more than luck. I am sure I am missing some studio or something here that will be announced and shown at E3 in two weeks.

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