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So, I just got a PSP.. I had one before but the power switch broke and I tried to fix it but ended up sending it to it's grave. So I went to Best Buy and I got the Ratchet and Clank special edition Silver PSP-3001... I love it! of course the day I buy it they introduce the PSP-Go! But I am pretty happy with my choice regardless. Number one: I have so many UMD's that I want to continue to utilize. I did hear a rumor that Sony might offer a sort of "trade-in" program for trading in UMD's for digital versions.. but I just am not that interested. I also like the bigger screen. The only downers are the battery life when playing from a UMD. Also I am a big fan of the solid state memory.. but it does add on some $$ to the price. Two advantages to the PSP-Go! Anyways.. so far I have decided to bypass the DSi in favor of the PSP. I have been having a great time playing LocoRoco & LocoRoco 2. I have pretty much been neglecting my DS.. but I am awaiting Cooking Mama 3. Anyways.. those are my portable electronic  ramblings for now. :D


My Status!

Is anyone else having trouble changing their status message? Who do I contact about this? When I hit "edit" it only says "cancel" I am missing the "submit" button!! AaaaAaahh!!!!!!


Bomberman! (Bom-Ber-Man!)

I just started playing this game and it has become my new Space Invaders Extreme (totally taking over my life)! If only I had someone to battle with! Somehow the computer opponents leave me with an empty feeling. :(  I tried to play with my boyfriend but our WiFi wasn't connecting.. Anyways. I am addicted to this game! It is a fun "down-time" game.. Aaaah.. NOW. if only I could stop blocking myself into corners and blowing myself up!!


Final Fantasy IV!

I love it! I never played any Final Fantasy games except Crystal Chronicles (which i'm told is the FF game for BEGINNERS.. which I totally believe!) Anyways.. I LOVE it!! It is right up my alley and I can follow the story and the game play is great! I haven't gotten very far yet because I am trying to level up before I start my "journey". I will let you know how it goes!! :)


Order Up!

Aside from Space Invaders Extreme (see below) I have another obsession: Cooking Games! Pretty much because in real life I can't cook for sh*t.. (unless toast counts?) Anywaaaays.. I played the death out of Cooking Mama, Cooking Mama 2 and Gourmet Chef. (I tried the Imagine Series cooking game but it made me want to kill myself) I have pretty much completed Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Wii. I would have already if it wasn't for that god damn TACO!!! Anyways Order Up! for the Wii comes out tomorrow and I 100% intend to buy it. And I am excited. I'll let you know how that goes.



Space Invaders Extreme.

Day 1: Oooh! A remake of Space Invaders! How fun!!!

Day 2: This game is a great way to pass that spare time..

Day 3: Hmmm.. Is it suppose to take this long to pass Stage 4?

Day 4: F*ck you Stage 4!

Day 10: Finally! Stage 5. I wonder if it takes everyone that long to pass Stage 4?

Day 11: Stage 5 is fun!

Day 12: F*ck you Stage 5!

Day 20: Take that! Pass Stage 5! I hope you burn in Hell Stage 5!! Oh look! I beat the game! Yay! That wasn't sooo bad... What is this?! Stage 2-B? Extreme Version? What the hell I thought THAT was the extreme version?

Day 21: Wow. And I thought "normal" was hard! The self doubt sets in..

Day 22: F*ck you Space Invaders EXTREME! I quit!

Day 25: Maybe I was too hard on myself... I'm sure it takes EVERYONE this long!

Day 26: Can't think of anything except Space Invaders. I love you Space Invaders. (pass Stage 2-B onto Stage 3-B)

Day 27 - 30: Stage 3-B

Day 31: F*ck You Stage 3-B!!!!

Day 32: Still on Stage 3-B. Can't sleep. Can't eat. Must pass Stage 3-B. Pray for me.

Day 33: SUBMISSION. Space Invaders owns me.

Today: I HATE Space Invaders Extreme. I still play it everyday. Help?