10/18/11 - Movin' on Up

Dark Souls

  • Finally made it to the next bonfire (the one in the Undead Parish, by the blacksmith)
  • Got my knight to level 21. Now he can drink.
  • Upgraded all my armor to +1... whatever that means
  • Killed several "tough" enemies, thereby regaining a modicum of self-esteem.
  • Got a new shield
  • Died an ungodly number of times
  • Questioned whether or not life is worth living
  • F*CK!!!!!!!!

The Witcher

  • Had sex with 3 more people (Spoiler alert: you can have sex with at least 3 people in this game)
  • Leveled up twice
  • Finally noticed how few character models seem to be in this game
  • Decided my new mouse is the shit.
  • Decided my new mouse pad is also the shit.
  • Lit a Salamander on fire and found it amusing
  • Thought about actual burn victims and felt bad about setting that dude on fire.
  • Cleared out a Salamandra hideout

Batman: Arkham Asylum (GOTY Edition) (PC)

  • Purchased for $9.99 on Steam. What a steal!
  • Marveled at how amazing this game looks when you have 3 top-of-the-line video cards running at once and a ridiculously powerful [and overpriced] processor.
  • Stared at my cape for a good 5 minutes
  • Actually played the game for about 10 minutes. I'm impressed.

Neverwinter Nights

  • Gave my fighter another shot
  • Actually killed that goddamn sonofabitch sorceror
  • Killed another goddamn sonofabitch sorceror on the next floor
  • Killed a big orc-lookin' fella