Heavy Rain CO-OP

I know what you might be thinking after reading this: "Does Heavy Rain actually have a Co-op mode?" The answer is obvious, of course it does. Unfortunately people have long forgotten the co-op ways of old, and that's passing off the damn controller. Hey, it might not be the ideal co-op mode, but this game is cinematic and intense whether or not you're holding the controller. In fact, it can be a lot more intense when you have a gun to someone's head and you have an actual person shouting at you and laying on the pressure.

Brian: "What the fuck did you think R1 was going to be besides 'Shoot dude in face'?"

Chris: "Well certainly not that."

That game is a roller coaster ride, and unfortunately for my best friend Brian, he occasionally got stuck with a lot of the dips. Where as I got to punch dudes in the face and drive head on through oncoming traffic, he got stuck with some of the less intense moments. Brian's levels included rocking a baby to sleep, making his son do HW, and playing golf. I'm not sure how he got stuck playing Wii shovel ware games for the majority of Heavy Rain, but it's the sad reality.

Chris: " Damnit dude, how hard is it to rock a fucking baby? You suck at this game. We're going to get a shitty ending because of your incompetence."

Brian: "How is this going to give us a shitty ending?"

Chris: "Hey Brian, it's that kind of attitude that's keeping the baby awake. Why don't you try bringing it down a notch?"

I suppose it wasn't completely uncommon for Brian and I to disagree on the path some of the characters would take. We both wanted all of the characters to live, but we each had our own methods. Brian tended to do what he thought the characters would actually do, where as I made decisions on the fly because I'm a bad ass dude.

Brian: "Come on man don't explore the house. The guy's going to catch you and then he's not going to give you any information."

Chris: "Who cares dude, we'll just find something ourselves. We'll probably just find some lead, and then he'll walk in the room and be like 'What are you doing in here? Get out of my house before I call the cops!' It'll be fine."

*Madison takes a shovel to the back of the head*

Brian: "I hate you the most."

I don't know why, but Brian really didn't want Ethan to forgive Madison at a point in the game. Where as he was being all emotional and stuff, I knew forgiveness always leads to sex. Sorry God of War 3, but Heavy Rain beat you to the sex minigame first. Now that I've played through God of War 3 as well, I can honestly say the GoW sex minigame feels dated in comparison. Way to be last gen God of War.

Brian: "All right, should I unhook the bra or pin her to the floor?"

Chris: "Unhook the bra I guess, might as well get the titties out now."

Brian: "It looks like they're doing it, happy now?"

Chris: "Very. Oh by the way, whatever you do, don't press R1."

It really was nice having someone else to help hit the fourth and fifth buttons on some of those quick time events. That really helped us get through some of the moments that probably screwed over people playing it single player. There were also plenty of times where one of us was playing and would have made a terrible decision if not the for the other person. I'm pretty sure we ended up getting the best ending, but I'm not sure either of us would have gotten it if we had played it separately. Well, I might have, Brian definitely wouldn't have (If I hadn't been playing he would have drank the poison!)

Chris: "You satisfied with that ending?"

Brian: "Yeah man, good stuff."

Chris: "My head still hurts from that shit, but damn that game was intense."

Brian: "Yeah let's go get hammered and play something a bit simpler."

Chris: "Secret of Mana time!"

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