Games I played for more than 4 hours or finished in 2012

I began reflecting on a personal GOTY list would look like and I realized that my obsession with League of Legends might not even leave me with 10 games to put on the list. Instead I'll just list the games that I actually managed to play in 2012.

List items

  • I guarantee more time was spent playing this than everything else in this list combined.

  • Guys, this game is so good.

  • This game occasionally frustrates me greatly by providing a grind when I just want shooting. Still, there's plenty of fun to be had.

  • I wouldn't have made it to 60 if I didn't have someone else around to drag me along kicking and screaming, but I did have a good bit of fun with it. Balance issues aside, the combat feel is spot-on.

  • A very different game from D3, and one I think I would continue to enjoy if I kept playing. But I didn't, so I don't.

  • Yes, the GB crew sold me on this game. It's rad.

  • It didn't feel like I wanted it to at first, but once I got used to it this game became a really fun challenge. Most people would advocate using a gamepad, but I'm keyboard all the way.

  • Christine Love returns from the mixed reception of "Dont Take It Personally, Babe" with a piece of IF that everyone should play. The exploration of gender issues prompted by Analogue has continued to grow as a conversation among gamers in 2012.

  • Man, this is the game I didn't know I wanted. And for the price of free? AMAZING. I was happy to contribute to their kickstarter for Distance.

    (Again, most people would advocate using a gamepad, including the game itself, but I'm keyboard all the way.)

  • Didn't play the first one because it so obviously needed coop. Here it is with the second one, and it's a fun little game.

  • Yet another twist on match-3 gameplay. This time it's awesome.

  • Hell yeah, the quick look sold me on this. It's out for iPad as of this week, so try it there for $3 if you don't already have a restaurant going on your Mac or PC.

  • :)

  • It might look like Portal Lite. It is; and that's a good thing.

  • This one, on the other hand, is Portal Lite in a bad way. The art direction was fun, but unlike Q.U.B.E. the puzzles here weren't actually very fun to solve and the ending was surprisingly anticlimactic.

  • I got this on my iPad in late 2011, but started purchasing a lot of song packs for it in 2012 as it slowly gained the status of "favorite iPad music game".