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Don't worry, Eversion hates you too! 0

This is definitely not a game for everyone. It is a game that will abuse you without any hint of remorse. But, those able put up with it will find something special in Eversion that can't be had anywhere else. Eversion follows a single rule from start to finish: appearances are deceiving. The game appears to be a platformer; it is not. The game appears to be colorful and cheery; it doesn't last long. The game appears to be easy; you will be cursing everything around you before you finish. Even s...

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VVVVVV is a love letter to 8-bit platformers 0

It's true that the central mechanic of VVVVVV (V^6) isn't new to video games. What makes V^6 special is how throughly the mechanic is explored through Terry's fantastic level design. If you've played his previous game Don't Look Back, then you will already be familiar with his fiendish obsession with challenge. Many points throughout the game I found myself cursing his name for expecting me to land Captain Viridian on a platform 5 pixels wide surrounded by spikes on all sides multiple times in s...

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