Tokyo Jungle: Hands on JP


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  Tokyo Jungle was a game that when I saw it I knew I had to import, I preordered this puppy (ha) from Playasia and waited with anticipation for it to arrive. I had first found out about that game thanks to Bon and his interest in it, so I had to check it out and see what it was all about. Needless to say I ended up getting it shipped to my house and throw into my ps3 (thanks no region lock!)
So my expectations were low, don't get me wrong, but this was and is one of those games that is so fucking... Japanese I had to have it.
I popped in the game and to my surprise I understood a lot more than I thought I would, most of the menu's are in English, the swap of the circle button for the X did throw me off just a tad, but like with Catherine I got used to it quick. I took to the tutorial first, the concept is very simple. Survive. You have a Health gauge, a Hungry gauge and your stamina meter. Being Hungry is your main threat, it run's out rather quickly, but thankfully drinking water does help lessen that other than just meat, but your going to be hunting, and your going to be doing a lot of it if your a carnivore. For those who'd rather play as a deer or other herbies and the like, you'll be going after certain grasses and water sources.
Can you hunt as a Herb?
 Gotta pimp that cow out!
 Gotta pimp that cow out!

Unlike with a carnivore the Herb's use hunt's to take out the carnivores or other herb's that will eat the grasses and flowers your after. As a Deer I was attacked by a group of rabbit's for donkey kicking one of it's brethren cause I wanted that group of plants to eat or I would die. It's a dog eat dog world and I wasn't planning to share. With the Herbs you don't get points for hunting, you get points for markers you find (think of establishing territory) and the plants you eat which goes into a point system that 'level's up your rank.
The better your rank, the stronger you can become, and the better the mates you can get and the more babies you'll have and if you manage to live and hunt and survive long enough with them to grow up, they become your extra lives.
The thing is though, to get a mate you need to clear the area so to speak of other animals that hold the territory as their own, once for me it was a family of beagles, then Hyena, then some toy terrier's and cats. If you don't get rid of them, your mate won't be escorted to the nesting area to breed.
Novice: (not good mates, no stat bonus/crap bonus not worth trying to breed.)
Veteran: (decent mates, but the stat bonus are better and more babies)
Boss: (fantastic mates and boosts for Heath and strength and speed and more babies)
Mates are an intricate part of this game, not just because the babies you make can become your extra lives. Why?
Because your animals do get old and they can die. (did not find that out until last night, I lived 20 years and keeled over.) During Survival you could say the years tick by like minutes, each minute a year goes by and you'll get points for how long you manage to live and how well you can hunt and find food. The longest I managed to live was 30 minutes with 3 generations on my belt.
It sounds a little harsh, but the game itself hides presents, sometimes inside the animals you kill, be it a bottle of water or even a revive pill (so far very rare) which come in very handy in a time where water is scarce or your too far out exploring to find food. Let alone the hazards of the animal life itself (I came back to my territory to find a tiger family had invaded. Not good for a family of Pomeranian's.) or the weather changes.
Yes, from extreme heat that makes the water dry up, to torrential rain or dark night, even a poison gas spilling out and slowly killing you and the other animals around you. (the gas is the worst, the prompt will warn you when it's about to happen) There was a point where the gas came through and I was low on health and was desperately hungry and found a dead animal, I jumped at it to eat but it only poisoned me further. Not worth it.
There is plenty to unlock and even a store to spend the points you make in survival on to make sure you last a lot longer the next time. (i haven't figured out how to work that just yet.) But there is plenty of animals to unlock and choose from, some just DLC and others you can earn (even a fucking Rapter and a Wooly-mammoth.. i kid you not) Right now I am using the Pom and a Japanese Deer. I find it EXTREMELY satisfying killing deer and large wolves with a Pom. (I plan to move up and strike my revenge against tigers next.)
There is a story mode but from what I can tell you need to unlock it during survival, which isn't exactly a con for me, it's just more incentive to get better at it.
This little gem IS coming over which i did not think it would, but I don't regret buying it.
I was going to post what the scoring system kinda looks like, but GB won't let me do it, so I'll just link from my twitter.Thats my second best score, the best one was 30K which I neglected to take a picture of :C
Anyway, this is my hands on, as I figure things out I might add more to the blog.

Hot Mens in Old Japan: Hakuoki -complete-


 Yup, If I was going to get this game, it was going to be the LE.
 Yup, If I was going to get this game, it was going to be the LE.

I was planning to do this blog for some time but I wasn't sure exactly how to start it. I did know I wanted to be finished before I did. I'm going to try and keep spoilers very low as I talk about this, but their might be mild spoilers spilled.
When I heard about Aksys planning to release an Otome My interest was piqued, but cautiously so. I've heard about Otomes, and even known/knew people who DL them from the internet that was fan-translated. But I myself had never played, but from what I expected it was just... overly lovey dovey game where you try and find love through blushes and sweet words that were sweet enough to make a diabetic gag. So it's needless to say I had my reservations about jumping in head first.
 Come at me bro!
 Come at me bro!

When I found out what game it was, and was able to look it over (with a certain degree of care, I didn't want to spoil anything if I was going to be interested.) and see what I was/may be walking into. The premise, a girl looking for her missing father and a group of (more or less assassin's) Samurai whom decide to help her in her search, where the 'supernatural' was just behind that dark corner. Needless to say for me, that sounded better than some high school drama and your bid for Japanese prom queen or something to that extent. So I could get behind the idea, but I would it sink the moment I played? (great concepts are not always great games)
So I waited, with baited breath until it was released on the 14th (happy Valentines day!) and finally sunk myself in and.. to be honest..
It was pretty damn good.
I have officially played this game more than six times, and I have gotten all pictures and true endings for each character, including the hidden character (which isn't really hidden) and yeah, I kinda S-ranked it. (if you could S-rank a psp game)
First and foremost I'll talk about what I did really love about this game.
 This was rather tragic..
 This was rather tragic..
The good:
It's refreshing to see a game, while about love, is about solving the mystery first, love second. At least for me this is a plus, I'm not drowning in a sea of gag inducing fumbling, and instead I am greeted with fast paced 'action' and day to day affairs. The Shinsengumi (our cast of men) are realistic on the point that they are in a line of work that could leave them dead the next day, so many don't have time for falling in love. And if they wanted too, it's almost unrealistic for them to try. Which gives you a chance to get to know them as people for the good and the bad (well.. anime people) first over the years you spend with them. Even then, you spending it with them as more of a 'prisoner' than a love interest, due to certain events that lead to you staying with them.
Even before you even get the game, Aksys, along with giving buyers the choice of what they wanted in the LE boxset, also started pulling out little digital bio's of each of the men so you could get to know them a little at a time, and needless to say that was also a nice touch. I'm glad they went out of their way to show these off. I know these shouldn't be lumped in with the good, but because of these I think it set they set the experience before I even played the game.
Heisuke interview
Sanosuke Interview
Souji Interview
There is more, but these were the ones that were easy to find.
The setting while seemingly typical from a japan standpoint, made the game work for me. Had they done the school theme, as I stated, i don't think I would have liked it as much. The politics and the struggles the Shinsengumi go through kept me engaged in their highs and lows and kept me wanting to continue to play on for hours on end. I had to know what happen and if the members would win their next battle.
 He speaks softly and carries a big..stick.
 He speaks softly and carries a big..stick.

The choices in men, yeah, the choices in men were for the most part great. Each with their own personality and quirks that goes into the choices you make into getting their attention. Sometimes it actually takes a little while to figure out how to answer the questions that relates to a character (which is why a save before a choice ideal) because some don't seem like the right choice, are. For example, Sanosuke would rather you declare what you want from the top of your lungs and not be shy about it. While Heisuke would rather you beat around the bush a bit.
The voice acting, gawd the VA, while I don't speak a lick of Japanese some of the voices are fucking drool worthy... Sanooooooo~ As I pull myself together here. I do really love that they left the JP voices in, not because I'm some sub over dub type of person, it's because it just fits.. it just does. That's all.
The sound track is rather lovely as well, if you get the LE you get it along with a wonderfully thick artbook which is FULL of spoilers, but damn it's pretty. It comes with twelve tracks from the game, though i do admit, some of them do sound like they would have been better placed in Harvest moon. (XD)
 While Saito is a cool dude, he's a piss poor sutor.
 While Saito is a cool dude, he's a piss poor sutor.
The bad:
Pacing is a bit jarring. You'll have something happen to the Shinsengumi and then suddenly it's a flash forward 6 months to a year. What the hell happen during then they kinda catch you up with a paragraph of text, but if your going to play a game like this, you kinda wanna be there for it all.
No animated cut-scenes. I do think this would have benefited from it, especially during some of the fights. But I do realize the limitations of the PSP, but still, it would have been a nice touch. Hell, I would have loved different ones for the different true endings you get.. ;_;
Background music being too damn loud sometimes. Yes when even adjusted it's still really hard to hear anything said without headphones, and that's even when the BGM is turned close to off. Certain scenes it just becomes blaring tot he point where you are struggling to adjust it just to hear the VA.
And last but not least, some endings are just too damn short. It almost seems as if they cut off some part they were going to add to a certain extent. Which again, goes into 'jarring' but it's not all endings, but some they could have done a little more on.
As you can see, there is more good than bad and even the bad isn't really that awful. it's just minor things that could have been fixed. None of which are game breaking. As I sit and reflect I can only wonder one thing..
Hey Aksys.. when you gunna bring me another otome!?
In the end, Hakuoki: Demon of the fleeting blossom is a great VN and wonderful little otome, i'd encourage anyone who's interested in VN's or even Otomes (guy or girl) to try this out and show Aksys some love for bringing this over, I think this was a fine pick and I hope they continue to look for the same quality in games as they did here, if so, I'll be sure to keep buying.
 Image awarded for getting all true endings.. and i think it fits for the end of this little blog!
 Image awarded for getting all true endings.. and i think it fits for the end of this little blog!

It's over: Demons souls Platinum -Toughest Soul-

 About how I felt when I got done.. XD
 About how I felt when I got done.. XD

Yeah, I said it.
After much headache and hair pulling I managed to get through with the help of a person from playfire and the skill that is 'duping with Thomas'. lol It took about 50-55 hours (not bad) but the damn thing is done. That was just play time, study time that went into this could safely push my time to 70+ hours. With all the frequent browsing of the DS wiki and youtube not to mention making notes of events and where to go was insane. Much of my issue was finding the stones and the elusive colorless demons souls. Thanks to me jumping into this game again when Atlus was doing it's PWWT and BPWT events and my tendency being PWCT I had less of a headache trying to get those events done, though i was on a time limit.
I've tried to play this game at least 3 times with a few hours going on each attempt but I never had to will to sit down and beat it, but once I did, I knew I had to polish it off, the desire too great, think what you will, cause I did not do it all fairly. I did dupe stones and a few demons souls to get the spells and miracles I needed. I had a friend from Playfire come over and he let me borrow his foe's ring (i really didn't want to murder all the NPC's..XP)  and the weapons I missed.
My soul level however was not toyed with until the game was finished, not that it mattered due to the fact the last boss was kinda a joke... XP
All in all I ended up really enjoying myself and the game, which surprised me, considering how dead set against It I was until the announcement of Dark Souls, to which I figured I'd play an hour and give up, but, that didn't happen this time. That's rather amazing in itself. At least for me.
I did have my issues and I did think some points of the game were just overall dick moves, but then again, this was demons souls, I couldn't sit and think it was going to be easy. Case and point: Flamelurker.
I ended the game with: Executioner Miralda's 'armor', Kite shield The Magic Sword Makoto, Ring of Herculean Strength, Regenerator's Ring, Talisman of Beasts, Long Compound Bow with arrows of various number.
Yes I know the Makoto sword sucks your life, thus why I have the regenerators ring to counter it so it wouldn't happen as fast. I found the sword nice and fast and light enough so I could roll without flopping like an idiot after I leveled accordingly. And... that sword is bad ass. lol.
In closing, I'd like to say I had fun, I'm proud of myself to have beaten the game, even more so that I was dedicated enough to plat it with some help.
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And I just got Dark Souls... O.O!!

So I finished Corpse party.


 Out of all the characters these four do kinda take center stage. XP
 Out of all the characters these four do kinda take center stage. XP
I'm tired.. just got off work, but imma do this blog anyway!
I have no idea how much time total I put toward this game, i played a little here and a little there and did aim to get most of the name tags and endings. I missed four of the endings, one due to glitch and the others due to lazyness, but fuck, i got 23 out of 27. *shrug* (haven't done any extra endings though)
Corpse party is one of those games where it creeps you the fuck out while being kinda mindless in it's execution. Certain situations where you'd sit and say "no.. don't do that" happen often. Characters fall into the typical horror cliche often and you want to shake them and tell them no. But if your easily able to forgive these faults and the one annoying character every once and a while (you know who you are you crazy bitch ^_~) then this is defiantly worth checking out.
The tone and sound of this game can be down near terrifying, well placed screams and whisper's that migrate headphones are enough to put your hair on end and make you want to take them off, but you won't cause you don't want this little 16 bit game to get the better of you, but damn it does a few times, (at least for me)
Multiple endings are one thing i did love about this game, most is disturbing in it's own right. Chapter five bad ending in particular I loved a lot due to how it all went down in a bat shit crazy way making you think about it again and again. Though, there are a few that come out of left field that sometimes don't make sense in context. But th good (ie: fucked up) out weigh the bad here.
Not all characters in the game are worth screen time, but again, it's something that can easily be forgiven as the story unfolds before you. Some people are just better off dead after all~
Length wise the game is easily 20 hours I'd say, a bit more or less depending on how quick you learn from your mistakes and if or if not your going for all endings and tags. Though some parts of the game, mainly getting the true ending for a few of the chapters makes you wonder why it matters if you did this or that. Mainly chapter 5, some of the shit to get tot he true end is kinda balls. lol.. but.. i pfft...
Corpse party is a decent game, and with how it ended i'd like to see more of it, so thanks to Xseed for bringing it over, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Fate/EXTRA: Finished.


Fate/Extra cover
Fate/Extra cover
Alright, my thoughts on this game that I finally reached the end of with a whopping 60 hours and 58 minutes.
The servant I chose was Archer, while at some points I kinda regretted my decision in others I really found myself enjoying having him there. I wrote the wiki on this nonsense and I can't remember half of the shit, but, there is a war going on and you are chosen to fight and you are one crappy master and you fight your way to gain a wish and stop the kinda cliche 'villian' from having his goal of his wish to keep humanity in stagnation.
Got it? Okay good.
I liked the game, while it's not perfect I enjoyed my time with it and I did get very frustrated with it here and there because sometimes the other masters and servants were rather cheap. I do wish they would have done more with the dead ends to make you want to try and get one just to see what would happen. I nearly got all of Taiga's (tigers) quests and explored all the 'dungeons' 100% though I did miss one and I was kinda bummed that I did.. i'm kinda a completion whore If I'm going to do something. I liked the character interactions and the overall feel of the game, it very much has the persona 3 vibe coming off of it..
What I didn't like was well.. it was kinda confusing when you tried to sit and think on the back story of the moon cell and why this is happening and so on, so I ended up blocking most of that out, so I couldn't make heads or tales of it so don't bother asking. Cause.. yeah I don't know, this giant computer is god.. and stuff.
By the end of the game I had enjoyed it enough to where I would recommend it but not enough tot he point where I'd consider playing it all over again. At least not right now.
Anywayyy.. my thoughts are all over the place on this, I know I liked the game, but I know it isn't a four star game, it's average at best...
in final thoughts I'm going to say Archer did not once hit on my character. And I'm kinda bummed. lol

Last Rebellion - Astonishia Story - Dragon Quest IX


 Front cover of Last Rebellion (US) for PlayStation 3
Front cover of Last Rebellion (US) for PlayStation 3

When i sit and look back on this one i wonder how the FUCK I managed to platinum this game so fast. lol.  I bought this game last Monday more or less on the spur of the moment after I picked up Dragon Quest IX. It wasn't planned, I was looking for Resonance of Fate and couldn't find it and I stumbled upon it with "NEW" stamped on the cover.I had heard mixed things about the game so I figured trying it for myself and then judging would be best. I grabbed it and a strange little game called Astonishia Story and took them home.
I didn't start playing until Saturday and I only did so for an hour or so, I wasn't sure how i felt, so I came back to it that Monday and put in four hours, then Tuesday I played nearly all day... Here is my thoughts.
This game is not great, what-so-ever it is not great. Average.. a little less than as well. The story isn't really engaging and your left scratching your head a lot. The break
  This guy is a DOOOUUUCCCHHHHH!!!
 This guy is a DOOOUUUCCCHHHHH!!!
down that this god of 'life' more or less is over stepping his bounds and reanimating corpses.. the people pray tot he god of death to save them and bring about balance tot he world. During this time people are chosen by the god of death to carry out and use their powers to defeat and seal the demons and so forth. Thus a war happens because one side don't like the other blah blah.. more or less.. fighting, the best sealer and blade get messed together.. bllllaaaahhh...see.. stop kinda blah.. after you get toward the end non of what is seems is going on and you find out even the GODS don't give a shit about these people. But that combat, that is some fun stuff. You fight by picking and choosing how your going to attack your enemy, their arms, left leg? You pick and you do attacks in in that order, if you do the right combination you get rewarded with extra experience. Rather simple. But still a load of fun. So much so I beat all bonus bosses.
Level 57 yo!
While i came in interested in the story by the end the character I liked most was the 'evil' brother whom wasn't even evil.. just confused and sad. ;_;
If you play this don't expect to have your mind blown by story or combat really, but you might come off liking it because it hurts you to do so. It's weird. I hate it. I love it.. for what it's worth it deserves the scores it got. lol
  I'm a fucking flawless demon... with the patience and stamina of a GOD!
 I'm a fucking flawless demon... with the patience and stamina of a GOD!

Yeah.. that's about it. My thoughts are jumbled. it's not a bad game.. but it is quite terrible.. XP and LOLOLOLOL... that plat is ranked novice.
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This was the game I grabbed with Last Rebellion, it was priced at $6 and.. well I took another risk. It's my moneh!
Weirdly I'm quite pleased. This game is very much a throwback to old JRPG's just a little more polished. Nice graphics for what they are doing and I curious story going on about a Staff from the gods that the main character ends up losing very early on along with his whole party of knights of their kingdom. (man i miss them.. doing shit alone is hard!) I'm not very far in it to give a full thought on it all, but safe to say I like it. The combat is turn based by you can move anywhere within your movement range to go directly to attack the enemy, you can also save where-ever you like on the game field. Only issue I have is the main characters feet being so huge! Weird looking But it's a PSP title, you should look it up, even just a youtube check to see if your interested, the game is cheap as hell, so why not dip yourself in the portable RPG pool on
the cheap?
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Alright, last but not least Dragon Quest. I've never played a dragon quest before, i've been told to try but the art always put me off. I can only take so much dragon ball Z in my face you know? But i finally caved and bought the game at Target after work and i've put in about fourteen hours and I love it. >< Making my own party members my own character and just watching it all unfold is satisfying. I've just re-arrived at the observatory and going to have to leave again and I had to wrench myself away to get started on the other games I bought XD.
Needless to say I love it, so, so far so good. That and being able to dance about and wave to myself to too damn cute for words >< I'll give more thoughts later when i put more time in. Right now i gotta turn my DS back on!

Not another Catherine Blog: Talking about 2 ends

Thats what it is. I figure I can do a blog to express what I thought of the game as a whole as I go through the various endings on the long road to maybe one year.. or ten down the road of getting this platinum. Considering my Hype for this game so far, I figure it was obvious I would try (most likely fail) but i will try.
As I step back and look on this game as a whole I would sit and agree I thought the best part about the game was the story as a whole. The worst is the block climbing, but, I say worst in the fact that I'm not very good at it, and I don't have the patience of a saint. I get frustrated easy and I tend to rage quit at times only to come back five minutes later. XD But no, the block puzzeling was not the highlight of this game, but in the end i felt really damn smart when i finally figured it out. Then again I had to redo them to get golds and the cycle starts over my my rage quitting and so forth, I endured, I have all Normal golds grabbed..
I should have been done with this game at least five days ago, I guess i'm a glutton for punishment. SPANK ME CATHERINE IMMA BAD GURL~
I'll be talking about game endings but I WILL be covering them with spoiler boxes so people can just open the one that got and read my thoughts on that and I avoid spoiling others. I wish this was the way the spoilers were done in the Catherine threads but they weren't.. Ah well right?

Katherine: True lovers End.

 All the while an Okay ending. But.. a little Cliche..

Catherine: True Cheaters End


Needless to say so far this is my favorite ending. Hands down. I guess I need to get two more endings to talk about.. I'll get to work ont hat!

Cat Goes to Collossalcon!


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Thhhaatttsssss right, I went to a con, figured I'd post some stuff here. It's a very small con but it's supposedly going to be expanded next year so here's hoping, (even being small i get lost XP) I bought some stuff. It was fun, lots of voice actors there, panels like otaku night court and slashy slashy fanfiction to name a few. Lots of anime getting played in hallways and rooms, the game rooms and vender's room, I'm rather glad id on't go for more than one day cause because of the con being so small there isn't much t do other than listen in on panels, most of whom i'm not too interested in by myself (which usually happens) 
I went with my sister and her friends, our room was pretty sweet.
But I do enjoy the brief and wonderful experience that is the con. The larger things like the cosplay contests and talent shows are a treat though, but without someone to share the experience it CAN get a TAD dull. And I tend to make video's when bored to death and alone.. I'm a sad individual. XD
There is a part 2.. do do dooo...
Sad lonely lady.
Did buy some things as you can tell, pretty happy with what I got, not listed is the wallet I got which is of Code Geass which made me VERY happy. I wanted to get the one they had last year but didn't have the cash and pouted the whole way home. But I'm more pleased with this one cause it has Suzaku as well. XD
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

 I'm a Code Geass freak, I can't help it. <3 But all in all i had a lot of fun and can't wait for next year to roll around to do it all over, with HOPEFULLY a bigger 'party' who will actually STAY UP with me to hang out and do stuff. XP

Ar Tonelico Qoga: Finished, Dante's Inferno Finished...*spoilers*

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This has been a rather interesting turn of even's with my playing games nearly every day now, i'm blowing my own mind. But needless to say it's not all good in 'da hood' with me getting things done. It's been a little.. frustrating with my lack of luck.

   Yes, this is Mute, she is 30 and is prego XD
 Yes, this is Mute, she is 30 and is prego XD
With Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel it was a very interesting ride. While the English VA can be down right horrid it has it's moment's of pure gold, though rare these nuggets are more than enough to excuse other things about this game that makes you wanna smack your head into a way for a few hours. The good about this game is the simple fact that the character's interactions and how the view their world is great. You get lots of laughs to break up the monotony. The art is gorgeous (at least the BACKGROUND ART) and character deigns while questionable they are pleasing to the eye with the vibrant colors and wondering how the FUCK that stays on.

Or another good question is wtf is going on XD

Really it's not as dirty as you think but you be the judge.


Strangely a few side character's can become main to the point of one of the 'bad' guys becoming good finding love, getting married and PREGNANT through the course of the game. Yes, I nearly choked on my own spit when i saw that little nugget cause well... it's MUTE, MUTE!? This pumped lady manages to find love finding a soon to be husband and get knocked up and YES he is aware and can't wait (he loves him some big girls!) after I stopped laughing and finally breathed, it was cute.It's nice to see stuff like that happen. And Mute is not the only lady whom get's engaged during the game either...  but anyway.

The music is SUPURB and I'm glad I have the soundtrack, it's rather lovely, my favorite song became EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. considering it's a precursor to you getting one of the many endings I have to listen to it alot but it was hard to get mad at a song so pretty. Another would be during the Richa boss battle called EXEC_Z/ yes the song names are bizarre but the are good enough for me not to complain and just enjoy the music.


The leveling in this game is really easy, which brings me to the trophies, NONE of which are actually hard they just take a long time to get, my end time with the game was 135 hours and like 18 minutes with getting everything... oh wait.. no I missed two, one glitched which would be the legendary Saki Cosmosphere 100% and the other is Finnel's Cosmosphere 100% which i refused to try after Saki's fucked up on me. Needless to say I wanted to plat this game and got REALLY close but no cigar. Though I will say it was a fun experience in the end cause I've never played a game like this one.

Out of all the girls my favorite would be a tie between Tyria (tilia) and Finnel and Mute right after them (cause she turns out to be a great character XD) While i'm sore about not getting my plat my experiance OVERALL with this gave is positive. FOR ME... I give it..



Front cover of Dante's Inferno Divine Edition (US) for PlayStation 3
Front cover of Dante's Inferno Divine Edition (US) for PlayStation 3
I finished Dante's Inferno! I've been through hell and back and I gotta say I really liked this game. (yes I had the divine edition, i got it cheap from walmart not long ago) I managed to beat it twice in four days, it's rather short but I liked it.

The atmosphere and the overall look of the game is awesome... I've never been more disturbed and intrigued in a game in a while. Considering I stopped playing the GoW games it kinda makes me wanna pick it up and play again, then not cause Kratos is just a rage-a-holic with issues anymore. Might as well paint him green and make him say "KRATOS SMASH!" cause yeah..XP


The combat is fun and quick. I did not play it on anything more than Casual and I don't care if anyone thinks I'm a wimp or whatever, i wanted a fun experience and to enjoy the story and I did and it was still a bit of a challenge (cause I tend to not block a lot..XD) so much nakedness in this game, penis and boobies everywhere as god intended! XD Dante is.. well an asshole, he in the end really deserved to stay in hell as far as I am concerned, he really fucks everyone over. Good lord.

This game's trophies are also very easy so I spent my time just collecting things and playing. The only 'hard' one was getting 666 combo which I did today by bumping up the difficulty and spamming my cross attacks during the trials. I think it took me a total of 4 sessions.. each 4 hours each to play through this game twice. so 16 hours total and I..somehow...

No Caption Provided
I got a plat! XD

This is not the game I was planning to be my first..but..yay.. XD at least I got one out of three attempts.

Overall a good game, while people say it's a GoW clone, in combat yes, no doubt but in story, Dante's inferno is VASTLY superior. So, those are my thoughts on those two games.

Cat out.

This blog was a long time coming: Dragon age 2

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A very long time this has been coming (about three and a half weeks)

Dragon Age 2 is one of those games where it's hard to sum up into a small paragraph about how I feel. I won't make it a spoiler so just sit back and relax as I write down my scattered thoughts. Believe me, my thoughts on this are both up.. and down...when it comes to this, this is my first completely finished bioware game that I put a lot of time into and played NON stop...

I can say lots about the good. Dragon Age 2 is an experience I haven't had in a long time, especially with characters that for the most part I think are very likeable. You'll easily
 I'm rather likeable if you hate mage's
 I'm rather likeable if you hate mage's
find a character you can Identify with and stick with from beginning to end. From Ander's sweet and easy to find a connection with, to Fenris whom though very much having an asshole type exterior you can see why is is that way and understand his loathing for the magic 'enhanced'. Meeting and getting to know the character's is hand's down the best experience about the game in full.

Easily enough my first play through was spent trying to get to know these people and see their likes and dislikes about their world around them that is quite frankly always at the brink of war with SOMETHING. And easily enough I got a lot of things wrong and lost character's because of it but you learn something new every day huh? I made mistakes and had a good time leveling and getting new abilities and learning how to fail as a Rogue... not picking that class anymore XP

Doing side quests are a good break if your tired of the storyline though usually linked in one way or another it still break's up the tedious "Go here and say your for/against mages DO IT NOW" which i just put a smart remark too and on with my day I went.

I finished out happily enough at about 47 hours or so and then I sat.. stared at the game for a bit and said "You know what! One more time!" and I happily dove back in with a mage.

And that's when things took a turn.

I have NEVER experienced five freezes in a row, missing character's that you can hear talking but suddenly poof. OH AND GLITCHING QUESTS...

 Someone fix my New Path quest.
 Someone fix my New Path quest.
I spent more time with this game than ANYONE should ever do, suffered data loss and Quests that wouldn't function.. all of this happening WHILE I'm trying to plat. That's right, I sad I was trying to PLATINUM this game. Doing that while it was going fucking nuts... wonderful right?

I liked this game, i liked it enough to replay it IMMEDIATELY after beating it so that says something but with all it's problems.. I can't say I want anyone to try and beat this game. Even the issues they just fixed with a patch isn't fixing much cause you know...

Cause.. well...


So.. I can't plat this game.. cause of Bioware. This issue was NOT addressed with the patch.. so..

Thanks bioware.

Also Merrill's quest is fucked ALL to hell now for some reason I got her *sob: the keeper is dead* thing when I get the quest for new path? So damn backwards (I actually nearly redid 5 hours of gameplay cause I thought it was my fault and that I missed it.. nope, wasn't me. XP). Yes I am mad, I just put in 80-some hours into a game to hopefully plat and I can't cause of a glitch... XP I played both fully to the end..

And now.. here is my fear.

That Bioware fixes this problem right.. which is good. BUT what if I have to replay it again.. for a third time to get EPIC?

GAWD please no..

I want it fixed but not at that cost, i do hope if it is fixed my playthrough counts and it just pops or something, but by the time they do I would have went out and bought Origins
 I tried to go for fenris but his 'romance' thing got fucked all to hell.. so Ander's two times in a row!
 I tried to go for fenris but his 'romance' thing got fucked all to hell.. so Ander's two times in a row!
and sat through that just to get it (not that that is too much of a waste cause I haven't gotten to play all of Origins anyway so I was planning too eventually, but still)

Okay... I'm done raging.

In the end, Dragon Age 2 is one of those games where you shouldn't care about the trophies/achievement's and just have fun with the game, when you do that it's smooth sailing save for the obvious glitches and freezes it's a good game but if your striving for achievement's and trophies you may really want to move on elsewhere until bioware get's their asses in gear and fixes them so your not looking baffled like me at the plat you should have gotten XP XD

My verdict.. a good game with obvious flaws, play for fun and leave the raging to the professionals. ^^

I am a professional quite obviously.

Anyway, I'm done with Dragon Age and in my head I got a plat and.. I'm content for now, i did my best and I enjoyed what I did though i am quite frustrated with the turn out. I'm gunna move on to another game and enjoy the fact that the borrowed game is gone (no I didn't own it) And I'm planning to hopefully play some might and magic until I rage quite from it getting too hard XD But that's okay it won't be hard cause of a glitch, it'll be hard because I suck.. XD

Anyway.. I had my say.. ^^


Vidiot made the awesome header he deserves some love ^^ (Cause we still count it as a plat!)
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