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@ichthy said:

God yes. The g9 was an amazing mouse. I love the form factor so much I own both a g9 and g9x. Every other Logitech gaming mouse I've tried just felt too...big.

The scroll wheel on my g9 finally died recently and I had to get a new mouse. There is just nothing out there quite the same. The g9 was so good.

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LoL/DOTA for me. "Last-hits" from moba's have bled into other games and it's a terrible game mechanic. In Halo's warzone mode last year, only the last hit on a boss mattered and wildly swung the point leads. Star Wars Battlefront also had a game mode where only the last hit on a hero character mattered. It encourages terrible behavior of people waiting around and not helping at all, then bursting damage for half a second to take the credit. Some old MMO's used to have last hits on bosses so it was trivial to kill-steal, and they all patched that shit so you had to do the most damage or the boss was "locked" to you from the start. It's like we've gone backwards in game design!

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If they forced ads on me, I'd be fine with it, but I really appreciate that they offer an ad-free version and it is part of why I subscribe.

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I've been spending a good amount of time at the top of each bracket (currently lvl 24 / dz32). What's been pleasantly surprising is that people don't seem to hold a grudge when they're rogue and you kill them. Unless you cheesed them into going rogue, it seems like they acknowledge that that's how it works and move on. I even killed a rogue and immediately after he came up and asked to join my team, and we had a pretty good time doing just PVE after that.

Everyone seems to have that moment when they realize that going rogue is totally not worth it though. We had a group that killed us and a few others a couple times and were very high "rogue level" or whatever they call it. Once we were able to split them up a bit and kill them off, I got 2 full DZ levels and 40,000 dz credits, which is quite a lot at my level. Very productive for me, but I can't imagine how bummed out they were after losing that much at once. They didn't seem up for it again after they respawned.

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Two weeks ago I would've said absolutely. They had more "true" exclusives that I was interested in than Playstation despite selling worse. Now... not so much.

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@shadow said:

I'm trying to get all high end gear (maybe except my sniper unless I randomly find a historian along the way) before I even go in there. I want my first experience with DZ to be as an apex predator. I'm going to run around and kill dudes and go rogue all over the place at DZ level 1 before taking it seriously and actually trying to get DZ experience or currency

Some of my friends playing have this same view, and I think you're really missing out on earlier level fun. Nearly no one in the lower brackets is twinked out, so simply being near the bracket cap (14, 19, 24, 29) makes you competitive. I'm not there yet, but I imagine it's going to be a crazy grind to match/beat the gear of all the people who raced to 30 as fast as possible.

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@csl316 said:
@drvenkman90 said:

@csl316: It was confirmed that this was always a Cloverfield movie and never anything else by JJ and the director Dan.

I really liked the movie. I think it would be really cool if this was a twilight zone type series of movies all by first time out directors.

Interesting, as I've read sourced articles saying just the opposite. It was a wholly original screenplay, then had some rewrites to fit whatever they want this Cloverfield thing to be. I've also seen that it's a completely different universe from the first movie.

In any case, doesn't really matter. Now that they've sort of freed themselves from Cloverfield needing to be a big monster movie, they can do some risky stuff with various directors. Like a "Cloverfield presents..." concept.

This is what I liked most about the movie; that it's not really about monsters, but about the situations stemming from monsters. The best zombie movies do this same thing, where the outside pressure of whatever horrible thing pushes the social situations to their breaking points. I'd love to see more Cloverfield movies in this same vein if they continue to not worry about monster-continuity and having the monsters be the main focus.

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Congrats Jeff! Wish you the best!

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The ultra-long format seems to encourage a different kind of discussion that I really liked. There's only occasionally broad statements about the game as a whole. Instead it's a lot of reacting in the moment to the weird stuff in the game. Persona 4 helps that a lot more than any other game by providing such a huge mash of things to do which all seem important to do at some point. You're forced to jump between all these story lines and short scenes. Endurance runs are perfect for games where you can say "well, what should we do now?" and having a bunch of valid options to talk through and jump off from.

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@nickhead said:

Is anyone else worried about possible stalemates happening with the cover shooting PvP? I'm probably forgetting a million games where this worked fine, but the only games I can come up with where it worked are the Gears of Wars - and they didn't have losing loot on the line. A bold player could leave cover and run up on other players with a good chance of getting the kill, but with the possibility of losing rare guns, who would do that? I know there's certainly going to be explosives that can fish people out from cover, too.

Am I alone here about this or thinking about it too much??

You actually got me more excited about it with that paragraph. They're using the "Tom Clancy" name to invoke tactical, more methodical combat, and sounds like they're making it risky to throw bodies at a guy in cover until you break though. Hopefully people will be forced to take it slower and think about ways to flank or force people out of cover, which will make it a lot more analogous to a Rainbow 6 game rather than Gears of War, which really is closer to a 3rd person Call of Duty with cover with the way people constantly sprint around the map.