GOTY 2012

List items

  • I can see myself coming back to Journey years from now and loving it just as much as when I played it this year. Journey is an awesome experience.

  • So dumb, so goofy, but so great. I never knew a one/two button game could be so fun. I'm amazed a game like this came from Nintendo, and I love that I can experience something so crazy.

  • I really can't pinpoint why I love this game so much. It can be so frustrating and difficult, but when you go from a small crew with one blaster to a full crew, loaded up with weapons, it just feels great.

  • Just a beautiful world to look at and inhabit. The "first playthrough" is a fun platformer with some somewhat tricky puzzles, and the second just goes crazy with how complicated the puzzles get. I love a game willing to evolve like that.

  • It's hardly a game, but the story is enthralling. I love the TV show, and this is even better.

  • I just love Alan Wake, and this is more Alan Wake. I was bummed at the wave-based mode, but the story was weird and awesome.

  • An audacious, unexpected story for a single player shooter. I'd love to see more games willing to do a story like Spec Ops.

  • The best competitive shooter period, smoothed out to be a little more friendly to a wider audience. Garbage on consoles, but amazing with keyboard/mouse.

  • Best time I've ever had playing co-op online. I missed out on Borderlands 1, so I wasn't sick of it playing through 2.

  • Still the best console shooter multiplayer out there, even if it is a small refinement year after year.