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Favorite characters from games [WIP]

Just some of my favorite characters.

List items

  • Freeman is so badass that he doesn't even need to speak to be understood.

  • What's not to say that Batman is just so plain awesome?

  • Looks can be deceiving... and she can kick some ass.

  • This is my to-go-to dude in Soul Calibur III. I just love using that scythe.

  • The dude's nuts.

  • Out of all the characters of Beyond Good & Evil, Meï is probably the most uniquely designed. It's a pity that not much is known about her, as she does have potential.

    She kinda looks like a Smurf with that blue fur (or skin).

  • My favorite gal from the Ratchet & Clank series.

  • Juliette is my favorite playable character from Fur Fighters.

  • One of the best computer AI voices ever.

  • For the crap that he went through, Philip totally deserves a spot on my list.

  • The main female protagonist from BG&E. What else is to say that she's just a likeable character.