Top games/franchises [Old and Present]

In no particular order, this list represents my top games ever since my childhood. [WIP]

List items

  • This is the game that started my journey into PC gaming. Don't get me wrong, it is still just as hard as when I first started playing it.

  • Hands down, one of the most beautiful intro cinematic (so far) in my gaming history. I still get teary by watching it.

  • There aren't too many WWI simulation titles on the market. While RB II has its flaws, it is still enjoyable. The music in it is addictive to say at least.

  • This is my childhood racing game. It was when a time that EA still had compassion when making games.

  • This game was my first introduction to the world of sim racing. You can also mod it, which sets its bar higher than alot of the competitors.

  • This is a sight for sore-eyes. A realistically captured female main protagonist? Michel Ancel (The director of this game from Ubisoft) also did a good time in developing most of the minor characters that other games seem to ignore at times. This is one of the few games that was emotional to me.

    Brilliant... just Brilliant.

  • A survival horror based genre done right. The whole point of a scary game is to feel as vulnerable as possible. This franchise delivers that (mostly).

  • If ya'll in the mood of cracking skulls with a lead pipe... you get the idea of what this game will bring. I love the atmosphere and the physiological trips that the main protagonist experiences.

    My only gripe is that SEGA did not port Condemned 2: Bloodshot onto PC.

  • If anyone said that games can not be considered as an art have not seen Bioshock. It is just so pretty to look at.

  • Another example of a game being its own art style. Back in a time when games were still 2-D sprite based. 3-D, What's that?

  • A fun 3-D platformer that only got better as it progressed through the series. I-III I liked the most.

  • For the record I liked this game on the premise of its semi controversial plot-line as a reflection to the real world. It got me thinking about... things.

  • Still probably the best and most compelling shooter that I've played. [Note: Descent does not count, as it is a 6DoF style shooter, and not a common FPS style.]

  • Fun co-op play.

  • Who knew that a game created mostly by one dude with a bunch of amateur VA's could be so damn good?

  • The multi-player is sure fun as hell. Everything else... meh.