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Max Temkin continues to throw away money just to make shallow social commentary instead of donating it to causes and try to actually make a difference, what a shock.

Acutally no. Max Temkin threw away no money here. The people did. It even says on the site basically that if we think this money should be donated to charity then that's what we should do is donate it to charity. Not this hole.

CAH has no problems with coming right out and saying the things they do are stupid. They know damn well it is, but people keep on giving them money for it. So, as a collective, why aren't WE ALL donating to causes and charity to make a difference? Why do we have to give money to Max Temkin and CAH so that they can donate it when we could just donate ourselves directly?

The problem here isn't with Max, CAH or even this hole. It's with the people that keep funding it. If the people don't fund it then the hole would have never happened.

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Nintendo didn't make a lot of these out of the gate because why would you? You have to test the waters first before you mass produce to find out the demand. Preorders for actual core gamers are one thing, but casual market shoppers? Nintendo couldn't have been 100% sure if they wanted this thing too. Now they know that they stumbled into the hottest item of the holidays and you can be sure that they've gone into overdrive trying to get more of these out the door quickly. They don't hate money (one of the dumbest terms ever btw, no company "hates" money) they just wanted to be smart about this. Nostalgia is great, but it's not always a guaranteed seller.

Also, I get that emulation is a thing. We all know. This isn't for people who are into emulation. Hell, if you go up to a random person at a best buy or walmart looking at one of these (when they're readily available) and tell them "hey, you know you can just play all these games on a computer with emulators, right?" they'll probably look at you like your're a crazy person telling them to do something illegal. Yes, everyone on this board knows what emulation is, but a vast majority of consumers do not and also do not care.

Bottom line is. Nintendo WILL make more of these. NOA themselves have came out and said as much. If people are impatient and want to go blow $300 on one, then that's what they're going to do. I'm just going to wait it out and wait until after Christmas to get one.

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Krillin for me, but Yamcha still has his moments. In fact, they're both kind of big deals for the first couple seasons of Dragon Ball. I feel like everyone that has only watched Z never really has seen these two actually be of use. Once upon a time Krillin could go toe-to-toe with Goku and the wolf fang fist was a top 5 move.

But, overall Krillin has had the better life. Yamcha got his girl stolen by the prince of all saiyans himself, Vegeta and Krillin marries one of the more stronger women in the entire series and had a family.

Yamcha played baseball in his retirement (although you can consider it cheating to an extent) and Krillin became a police officer in his retirement. So slight nod to Yamcha for the better pay.

Yamcha died to a fucking Saibaman of all things. Krillin lasted on Namek, stood tall over Vegeta and spared his life, held his own against the Ginyu Force, and made it all the way to Friezas final form before finally getting killed by him. MAJOR points to Krillin in this regard.

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If you have a spare $200, then GC component cables. If not, then Wii with component will work just fine.

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I hope they just call it "The Nintendo" or "Nintendo"

It'd be such short simple name that would symbolize the coming together of its handheld and home console counter parts.

This is's THE NINTENDO. There isn't anything else. There is just one system now. If you want Nintendo games, you buy The Nintendo. Simple as that.

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Good graphics are good in that moment, but a good solid 60fps is forever.

Framerate is king.

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Look. I know that making games is really REALLY hard, but man what is going on with the GT series?

It just blows my mind that Turn 10 has managed to release 6 core Forza games and damn near 3 Horizon games, plus a silly little Fast and Furious thing since 2005. And they've all been extremely solid!

I loved GT3 a whole lot. GT4 was pretty good and pushed the PS2 hardware. Prologue was always an insult. No way could GT5 live up to the hype after years of delays. And GT6 just seemed like an "oh crap, it took us forever to build this engine and the generation is almost over, better whip something up really quick" type of game.

Now, if i'm not mistaken this is GT Sports first delay? So, it's not all doom and gloom yet. But damn, even though I'm a Forza fan, I still want to see the GT series do good. GT fans deserve it.

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Held my box of Booty O's cereal today. They make sure that you ain't booty!

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@ripelivejam: oh I know he plays it up. You can tell Jason really loves the goofball that Dan is.

I just meant that Jason said break/vacation because those are basically "short term" words, meaning he doesn't want Dan gone forever, just like a month. Which fits into the time frame of say, oh idk, an RV trip lol.

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I 100% fully believe this is the RV road trip. Earlier in the week Dan and Brad made plans to do more of the Hitman elusive targets while Brad goes first next time.

And Jason on UPF said he needed a break/vacation from Dan. Meaning he expects a "short term" Damn hiatus, not long term.

As a long time wrestling fan, this was just them writing Dan off the "show" so that he can go film a movie (or in this case, the RV trip) and then Jeff, the commissioner, will make some kind of deal to bring him back.