Honorable Mentions for 2015

These are games that I really enjoyed in 2015, but that just didn't quite make the cut on my Top 10 list for one reason or another.

List items

  • The only thing better than revisiting one Uncharted game is revisiting all three of them! I had a great time going back through the adventures of one of gaming's greatest mass-murdering, treasure hunting psychopath's! Playing all three back to back was a really fun time.

  • FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY! One of my most unexpected joys of the year was diving into this fun and frantic twin stick shooter. I wish it had a little more to it, as it just seems to be missing something I can't put my finger on. But as it stands, it's a solid B+ experience.

  • It's the Firefly game I've always wanted, and it's simply amazing that it was made by TWO PEOPLE. Custom soundtrack support, a fantastic graphic style, and approachable space combat. The only reason this isn't on my Top 10 is that I didn't spend more time with it.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! This game is a serious contender for my Top 10 list. Similar to Until Dawn, it is best played with a group of friends watching. Sadly, we didn't finish it in 2015, so it didn't quite make the cut. Highly recommended.

  • Cyberpunk, squad based goodness. I just didn't get a chance to dive into it as much as I had hoped. Looking to correct that soon.

  • A dark, moody, stylish rogue-lite that I had a lot of fun with. I played it quite a bit in the latter half of February 2015, but sadly never came back to it. I plan to revisit it in 2016.

  • Here's the thing... this is probably the best Telltale game I've played. It actually gives far more personality to the Borderlands setting than even the main games of that series do. The problem is that this is technically a 2014 release that took most of 2015 to finally finish. The episodic nature of these games hurt them in the long run. Unless Telltale pushes out episodes like clockwork every free weeks, they're doing themselves a disservice.

  • Best mobile game I played all year. Incredible amount of fun, fantastic style, and rewarding puzzles. I just didn't play as much as I had hoped.