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Historical Warfare on Your Tabletop 0

 Toy Soldiers is the first release from Bothell, Washington based Signal Studios. Featuring tower defense gameplay in which you relive major battles of WWI with toy soldiers on a table in someone's hobby room. When I say toy soldiers I mean vintage key wound tanks and little tin soldiers. It's an incredibly creative art style and it's instantly charming. Who knew that WWI's stationary warfare and the tower defense genre would blend together so well? Toy Soldiers takes the incredibly brutal trenc...

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Great Atmosphere, Bad Gameplay 0

Aliens and Predator have gotten a bad wrap in the past decade or so. With the not so great Aliens vs. Predator movies and such games as Predator: Concrete Jungle and a couple of games based on the AVP films both franchises were on life support. However, things are starting to look up with the release this year of Predators to theaters and Aliens vs. Predator to the gaming community. The film has been well received by both critics and audiences and will hopefully lead to a new series of films for...

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Innovating in the Wrong Direction 0

Army of Two: The Fortieth Day is EA Montreal's 2010 sequel to it's 2008 co-op focused third person shooter. The original had its entire gameplay built around a co-op experience and a serious dose of frat boy "bro-ness." This was both its greatest strength and weakness as playing with a friend could be a real blast but playing solo could end in a buggy mess due to co-op focused level design and dumb teammate AI. Another major sticking point was the game's timely involvement of themes of both the ...

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Kratos Gets a Beautiful, if Mechanically Unchanged, Sendoff 0

  God of War burst onto the scene in March of 2005 and changed the face of consoles mascots. Previously occupied by friendly plumbers and fast running rodent his ultra-violent take on Greek mythology, quest for vengeance, and amazing gameplay were aww inspiring. Over the next five years Kratos has been murdering every Greek god, hero and mythological creature he can get his hands on across three games and two different consoles. The conclusion to his epic journey has been long awaited.   For...

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A Game With A Solid Premise That Needs Polish 0

It's taken me almost a year to pick up Army of Two and give it a try. Bad word of mouth and mediocre review scores kept me away until it dropped to a price where I didn't think I'd feel too cheated it I gave it a try. Having done so I can say with confidence that this is a game you will enjoy as long as  you know what you're getting into. Namely bring a friend and get ready for some over the top action.The game is built around two things: co-op and crazy 80s style action movie firefights. The st...

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A Platformer From a Simpler Time 0

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was one of the earlier break out hits for Sony's Playstation 2 platform. Released in December 2001 it quickly became one of the first million sellers. Featuring the first fully 3D open world platforming world it quickly stood out from the pack. This combined with the great voice work and solid gameplay quickly laid the groundwork for one of Sony's flagship franchises.While later games in the series would take on a much darker tone this first Jak adventure is ...

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Guerrilla Delivers 0

Killzone 2 probably has one of the most storied histories of any game in the past decade. In its now legendary E3 2005 premiere trailer it became the poster boy for the potential power of the Playstation 3. For the next four years speculation, and hype, or whether or not it could live up to this promise ran wild. Well, the game has finally arrived and I can honestly say that Killzone 2 has set the bar far above for any shooters to follow it on the PS3.You can't start any serious discussion witho...

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F.E.A.R. 2 - An Above Average Shooter with Great Atmosphere 0

It's been a long road for Monolith to get Project Origin out there. After separating from Sierra they lost the rights to the F.E.A.R. name but soldiered on. This forced them to go in a sideways kind of way to continue the story while not directly referencing the key figures of the first game. Namely because they were all involved in the F.E.A.R. unit they did not have the rights to. As one of the few good things to come out of the selling off of almost all of Vivendi's assets Monolith got the F....

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