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All I know is that I was part of that Google ProjectStream thing with AC Odyssey and it was awesome. Was way better than how I expected it would perform. If I can pay $20 a month to play the latest games without having to spend 500 dollars for a console/ or a graphics card, and if it performs as well as the ProjectStream thing did for me, that's very tempting.

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I missed the beta but I'm down to try this thing out. I signed up for the email updates and hopefully I can get in. I want to try my hand at making some stuff.

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A Let's Play before Let's Plays were a thing. And a great one at that. The Persona 4 Endurance Run is a defining aspect of this site to me.

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A Yakuza game. I'd probably choose Yakuza 0. It can be any one really. I just want people to give a Yakuza game a chance. I'm overjoyed that it seems the media have begun to recognize these games since 0 came out. They are incredibly iterative games and all basically use the same map, and yet I keep wanting to come back and play the next one. I love the melodrama, the machismo, and the heart they put into their wild stories.

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Sounds great. I hope it picks up some steam.

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@bigsocrates: The subreddit is something I hadn't considered. I frequent it a couple of times a month and it caters to a different crowd than these forums do it seems. There is more commenting on the staff's tweets and reddit in general is more "meme-friendly" I guess. As you said, the landscape of video game forums has changed some in the ten years since this site began operating.

As for the forums becoming less of priority, I didn't focus on that because I don't blame them for following the trends of the games media industry. It's sad if that means forums will continue to decline. I'm grateful to Matthew Rorie for taking the time every now and again to make new threads on the forums.

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It's my opinion that Giant Bomb forum activity has decreased in recent years. I remember back in 2013-2014, after Ryan's passing around the time of Spookin' With Scoops, there was so much activity in the forums. Everyday, popular threads would have dozens of new comments and new threads appeared frequently. What got me thinking of this was the increased activity I'm seeing here right now around GOTY stuff. IMO, there has been more activity here than I've seen in months I suppose. I thought it was a good time to pose this question. Please correct me if I'm misremembering.

I'd like to ask some of the duders, especially the veterans and mods, who have been here longer and more active than myself:

  • Do you agree that forum activity has decreased in recent years?
  • If you agree, what reasons do you think have caused it?
  • Do you think there is anything to be done to make the forums more active?

This entire question hinges on whether you agree that forum activity has dried up. If you don't agree, please feel free to comment as well. Maybe I'm missing a lot of community activity since I don't catch a lot of the live shows. So maybe the activity has migrated to other parts of the site I don't frequent as much.


As for myself, one of the reasons I think activity has decreased is that I believe the community here has gotten older. This is certainly true for myself, life and its responsibilities have taken larger roles in my free time and I don't play as many games as I used to. This has led me to feel ill informed about many of the games this site and its community takes interest in. This stops me from commenting on these games I haven't played or know nothing about. Another lesser reason is that there are a lot of games nowadays that cater to a lot of different interests. Perhaps there isn't much overlap in the active parts of this community except for Giant Bomb related threads and those larger, broader titles like God of War, Red Dead, and the Witcher etc.

One organic solution I can think of is for users who care about this place to motivate themselves to participate more. I've always been more of a lurker here and I dissuade myself from commenting often to avoid confrontation. I'm willing to be more active on the forums making new posts if it means there will be more activity here. Let me know what you think.

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@damenco: If you'll feeling like another scifi book, IMO you can't go wrong with The Martian. Near future scifi where a astronaut gets stranded on Mars. There was a movie based on the book that came out a couple years ago.

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  1. Mass Effect 2
  2. The Last of Us
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  5. X-COM Enemy Unknown (I care about 1-5 on this list, I don't have strong opinions about 6-10)
  6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  7. Hitman (I really enjoyed watching Giant Bomb's Hitman videos, wasn't nearly as fun playing it myself)
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV
  9. Super Mario Maker (I thought I would have liked it more than I did, it didn't stick with me. 3D mario > 2D Mario any day of the week)
  10. PUBG (Haven't played it/ most likely won't)