Games of 2011

...Since I started this grand new year by winning the lottery, I have this distinct feeling I will be buying more games than usual this year. We'll see how it goes, but for now I will put up all of the games I get my hands on here, and (given I have the required time, strength and memory) I will rank them and write something about the experience when I've gotten through them.

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  • Review copy received Nov 17th. Review posted Nov 30th.

    Yup. Play it. Play some more. Then love it.

  • Finally got this Sep 25th. Finished Oct 2nd.

    Been looking forward to this, and the spoiler-dodging never stops, so now I'll finally get it over with! Even better than expected, though I haven't had chance to get into all of the multiplayer, but for this there is no other word than Love.

  • Bought Feb 15th. Finished Feb 27th.

    Wonderful, I agree with most of the praise for this game. Funny and engaging, will be replaying again soon.

  • Bought Jan 17th. Finished Jun 16th.

    Took me long enough, but it was a greatly enjoyable ride!

    Will need to revisit this when I have time to experience the leftovers, but I really loved going through this. Even in spite of the horrendous lack of logic concerning some of the characters at the end...

  • Inherited Oct 16th. Still playing. Will probably never finish. Will probably never stop playing.

  • Purchased Jul 24th. Finished Jul 27th.

    Pure joy and a great experience on all levels! I could not have expected how brilliant this game would turn out, in spite of waiting and longing for it. Sounding a bit too much right now, but the feelings are still so fresh, and I really want more people to play this.

  • Late review copy received Dec 5th. Finished Dec 20th.

    Great stuff, like it's predecessors. Unfortunately I can't not be hung up on all the holes that it became apparent the game would fill in at the end of the game, but hey - the journey was lovely!

  • Got Nov 7th. Finished Nov 28th.

    Still beautiful, still really good, but a lot of things feel off... Many plot-holes and other speedbumps on the way made this much less impactful than its predecessor, but still well worth the time.

  • Bought May 28th. Finished Jun 8th.

    This game brought a lot of tension and goodness to the table. Probably wont go for all of the endings, but I'll give it one more run-through at least.

  • Received Jul 2nd. Finished Aug 6th.

    Have to go back and finish the rest of the DLC. Very good times with this game. Unfortunately the general polish makes the shortcomings stand out more. I really liked it, but I find myself ranting about the bad stuff too easily. Definitely worth a purchase though.

  • Prize for Manly competition Jun 21st. Finished Jul 1st.

    Finished as in S-ranked. Looking forward to some DLC, but will play more regardless. Especially when the European version comes out. Really love this game, as I expected. Good fun, good balance, wonderful setting and design. Action! Salutes! Greatness!

  • Bought looong ago, Finished main story on Mar 22.

    ...Decided that I would put this up after all, since I had barely started earlier, and I've spent quite a lot of time with it.

    Not sure what it was that put me off last time around, but I thoroughly enjoyed going through this. The DLC besides Awakening was a lot worse than I would have suspected though, in different ways.

    Kind of strange, but after playing through this long adventure, I realised that I had grown to resent ME's Shepard quite a lot...

  • Bought Jan 23rd. Finished Mar 30th.

    Part of the XBLA sale, finally done with this, and the other DLC for Dragon Age that actually made me play it. Very good for an expansion, had fun playing, though there were an alarming number of instances where regular, human NPCs, who live where the entire nation knows about you basically single-handedly slew the Archdemon, and often comment on it themselves, think that it's a good idea to stick you up in dark alleys or threaten to "hurt" you...

  • Bought Aug 7th. Finished Aug 14th.

    Lacks the atmosphere of the first game, but makes up for it with better visuals, more great design, better gameplay and general good times. Will probably not be able to resist going back to find more memories and achievements.

  • Got review copy Sep 10th. Review posted Sep 19th.

    Lots of flaws to find here, but also an incredible amount of entertainment. Suda51 gets us off yet again.

  • Review copy received Oct 19th. Review posted Oct 24th.

    Best Dead Rising game yet, but it's still very Dead Rising. Fortunately I had not played Dead Rising 2, so it all worked out for me.

  • Review copy received Oct 10th. Review posted Oct 21st.

    Enjoyable, pretty and innovative in its own way, didn't really feel it though.

  • Bought Jan 17th. Finished Jan 24th.

    In retrospect it feels fitting that my first real gaming experience on the PS3 is one of the earlier games for the console. Serkis and Torv really raises this piece up. Lots of fun, very nice animation, a bit short, but good!

  • Bought Feb 9th. Finished Feb 14th.

    As I hoped, and half expected from Double Fine, they have yet again managed to create a game running over with charm and humour. The game mechanics and the visual style are both extremely well handled, and I love it.

  • Borrowed on Feb 26th. Finished Mar 9th.

    Very good game, lots of good things about it that everybody probably have heard about by now. Story-wise it worked quite well (perhaps even better) in spite of playing Uncharted 2 first, though it was quite harrowing at times to grapple with the rougher gameplay-elements. You really appreciate everything they improved for #2...

  • Acquired Apr 17th. Finished Apr 26th.

    Had a lot of fun with this one. Lots of good bits, no real reason to argue about the supposed "theft". really got caught up in this one, had a lot of what I want from a game that I haven't been drooling after since inception.

  • Review copy received on Jan 18th. Posted review on Feb 6th.

    Wonderful collection of fun games. Not everything agreed with me, but I can't deny that there is much to treasure in this compilation. Was a bit panicking to stumble through three games with extras on the side while facing a deadline, so I will definitely revisit this one to pick everything up at a later stage.

  • Bought Jan 11th. Finished Feb 21st.

    Lovely game, very good puzzles. Lots of fun with this, even in spite of the long pause while waiting for the patch.

  • Downloaded Jun 5th. PSN Welcome Back-thingy. "Finished" Jun 13th.

    Still have stuff to do here, but I feel I have wrapped myself around the experience. It still holds up in my opinion, even though the community selection have suffered a bit from the time passed...

  • Finally had the guts to tackle this game, will see how that goes...

    Can't remember when I "got" it, made it through Bunny's tale around Jul 4th.

    Delicious torture with many a quirkness. Would definitely recommend at least that people get to know what it is, but will understand if people do not pull through the experience.

  • Finally recieved on May 5th. Finished on May 10th.

    A lot of fun, as I had hoped for. But damn, that penultimate level really dragged everything down... If you consider how short the game is, and how much longer that level is than all the other ones, that's quite bad. But everything beside that was very charming and rewarding.

  • Bought Jan 9th. Finished Jan 10th.

    A lot easier than I remembered, but nostalgia-points abound, and this is wonderful in several ways. No regrets.

  • Downloaded Aug 19th. Can't say that I've "finished" the game, but I am kind of finished with it.

    Good value for free-ness, works well and is fun, but I just couldn't get into it. Definitely worth a try though!

  • Review copy received Nov 14th. Review posted Nov 17th.

    Much more fun than I had anticipated. I only wish that they would stop pointing out how incredibly awesome friends your character is supposed to be to Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Wood...

  • Bought Jan 17th. Finished Feb 7th.

    I have laughed away many hours at this "interpretation", when it comes to plot/facts/inspiration as such, but not in an entirely bad way. Expectations were phenomenally low for this one, and it surpassed them, which resulted in some enjoyment at least. Will probably never revisit this one, but it was a neat distraction at times.

  • Bought Apr 16th. Finished for now, but that multiplayer does not seem to want to die! Short, but effective single-player campaign, but I did not expect I would have this much fun in the multiplayer. Thanks to all who put up with me online...

  • MMORPGish free goodie on Steam.

    Quite the capable dungeon-crawler, with an interesting take around the micro transaction-business, a very appealing art style and quite nice performance overall with gameplay and whatnot. Check it out!

  • Borrowed Jan 16th. Finished Jan 19th.

    I won't go complaining in detail; I expect a Fable-game from a Fable game, i.e. uncountable things to complain and whine about, but still a game you have fun playing. This title was quite disappointing though, what with the final part of the game and everything...

  • Bought Sep 28th. Finished Oct 27th.

    So surprised to see how many people still play this regularly online. Not as bad a game as I thought it'd be, but I kind of feel bad for the developers. The lack of direction both for the audio and animation makes every scene fall so extraordinarily flat. Still, some entertainment was found.

  • Went free-to-play. I dove in. It would be wrong to say I was disappointed, but the end result was the same.

  • Review copy received Jun 4th. Review posted on Jun 12th.

    Not that enjoyable an experience, to say the least. Can't really say that it's a very _bad_ game, but nothing really good, and my cup is a bit crooked on this one.

  • Bought Jan 23rd. Finally got it over with on Jun 3rd. Horrible mechanics, general game design and attempts at being funny. Will not pursue this "franchise". Hopefully...

  • Purchased Jul 26th.

    Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3. Nice concept I guess, but naah. A bit too wonky on the mouse, and not really that interesting.

  • Borrowed Sep 25th. Played during an afternoon, and I fear that is enough... Doubt I'll return to this, but I feel like I should give it another shot.

  • Review copy received Nov 18th. Review posted Nov 22nd.

    No thank you, no revolution here. Just janky rails, very accurate but clueless interpretations of the controls and just meh... Mediocre is the word.

  • Purchased Jul 26th.

    Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3

    Not my cup of tea. Not particularly interesting puzzles, and I found that physics on a purely 2D plane does not always work...

  • Review copy received Dec 1st. Review posted Dec 5th.

    No. Just no...

    So many flaws, so much poor design, such confusing stupidity some times and quite annoying to be forced jumping into.

  • Bought Apr 5th. Finished Jun 3rd.

    Avoid this one. There is nothing extraordinarily bad with this one, but there really is _nothing_ good here. No thanks. Very glad it's over.

  • _______________________________________________________________________________

    Games that haven't passed the finish line are not ranked and I don't feel that I've played them through yet. Be patient.

  • Bought Mar 16. Started playing, and it's a bit more annoying than I thought, both gameplay- and dialogue-wise, but still, will get through it.

  • Christmas gift received on Jan 7th. Still playing, so far it's better than I feared.

  • Bought Jan 23rd. Still playing.

    Part of the XBLA sale, which was great since I was going to get it anyways.

  • Proper version released on Mar 17th. Checked it out, will definitely play more soon!

  • Received Apr 5th. Started, and realised that I've really lost my stabbing-touch.

    Won a silly contest, got fine game.

  • Bought Apr 5th. Started and enjoying myself.

    Had totally forgotten about this gem until I saw it on sale. Loved the original Darwinia, really looking forward to trying this out.

  • Finally recieved on May 5th.

  • Bought Apr 16th.

  • Bought Apr 24th. Not yet started.

    Part of the SEGA-sale, couldn't resist picking up these classics.

  • Bought Apr 24th. Not yet started.

    Part of the SEGA-sale, couldn't resist picking up these classics.

  • Downloaded Jun 5th. PSN Welcome Back-thingy.

  • Humble Bundle #2. Started, getting embarrassingly annoyed over the fact that my steam-achievements does not register. Must Investigate!

  • Downloaded Jul 11th.

    Part of the Japanese Welcome back-pack.

  • Downloaded Jul 11th.

    Part of the Japanese Welcome back-pack.

    Had never tried anything from this franchise before, but this is damned appealing. Right when I needed some Japanese nonsense too.

  • Purchased Jul 25th. Jumping in and out of this from time to time. Quite entertaining, but hard to keep up.

  • Purchased Jul 25th. Not started yet.

  • Purchased Jul 26th.

    Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3

  • Purchased Jul 26th.

    Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3

  • Bought Sep 2nd.

  • Bought a beautiful Famicom version Sep 23rd. Was a long time ago, will be interesting to go through this again.

  • Bought Sep 24th. Thought it had to be worth $3, and even though there's no doubt it's a Bad Game, I'm having a bit of fun with it.

  • Won Sep 24th. Weird goodie-bag. Looking forward to digging out one of my 2600s.

  • Won Sep 24th. Weird goodie-bag.

  • Won Sep 24th. Weird goodie-bag. Doubt I'll be able to play this one.

  • Bought Sep 28th. Finally getting this one out of the way.

  • Bought Oct 2nd. Kind of still playing I guess.

    Not particularly impressed, but Ankama have been constantly moving away from what drew me toward their games in the beginning, so it shouldn't be surprising I guess.

  • Bought Oct 2nd. Fun dipping into, but I'm not sure how much I'll stand playing this to be honest :/

  • HD. Bought during ridiculous sale Nov 28th. Really looking forward to trying out the HD-version, been to long.

  • Bought Oct 10th. Haven't started yet, but looking forward to finally trying out this part of the series.

  • Purchased Nov 6th. Not yet done. Part of my nostalgic revisiting of the entire Magic world....

  • Humble Voxatron Bundle, Nov 1st.

  • Humble Voxatron Bundle, Nov 1st.

  • Humble Voxatron Bundle, Nov 1st.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle, Nov 22nd.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle, Nov 22nd.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle, Nov 22nd.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle, Nov 22nd.

  • Free copy from lovely folks that attended Gamex 2011. Want to play this, now...

  • Reeeally want to play this. The major driving force behind me (hopefully) buying some new hardware...

  • "Enhanced Edition", whatever that means.

  • Purchased Jul 26th.

    Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3

  • Part of the Frozen Humble Bundle.

  • Part of the Frozen Humble Bundle.

  • Part of the Frozen Humble Bundle.

  • Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

  • Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

  • Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

  • Humble Introversion Bundle.

    Did not suspect I'd get caught up in this as hard as I did. Enjoying myself a bit too much, afraid of the time I might waste down in the dungeons...

  • Humble Indie Bundle #4

  • +. Humble Indie Bundle #4

    Haven't played any version besides the first one, will probably revisit this one and see how it lives up.

  • Humble Indie Bundle #4

    I usually only pay attention to a very few bullet hell-shooters, but I'm liking this one. There are just too many aspects that are really nice to see.

  • Humble Indie Bundle #4

    Finally I'll get to enjoy this one for myself. If it'll run.

  • Humble Indie Bundle #4

    Not really interested in this one, but I'll give it a go.

  • Code received Dec 3rd.

    Good fun, but something feels lacking. Hope I'll have time to go through it all though.

  • Bought during the holiday sale.