Games of 2012

New year, new job, more games, less time.

Still have to try to keep track of it all!

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  • Review copy; Mar 7th - Mar 9th.

    An extraordinary experience. In my mind Asura's Wrath accomplishes everything it sets out to do and offers great entertainment. You should really play this for yourself and not listen to the plethora of "Just youtube it!"-comments...

  • Purchased; Mar 21st - April 10th.

    Good game that is definitely worth buying. I have a lot of criticism for BioWare, but I cannot understand all the rage toward the ending(s), and in the end I had fun rounding off the trilogy. Worth mentioning that I've gotten completely hooked by the multiplayer, which doesn't happen often with games that actually have a single player-focus from the start.

  • Review copy received Feb 13th. Review posted Feb 20th.

    Reckoning does a lot of things right, and was in my eyes forgiven the several minor flaws. Still spending time in Amalur to mop everything up, and liking most of it!

  • Late review code received on Jan 7th. Posted Jan 21st. Not quite sure why we got the code for this PS3-version so late, but I had fun playing it. Lots of value in there, but it's really hard to get back in it if you haven't played in a couple of days.

  • Review copy received Jan 29th. Review posted Feb 2nd.

    You can really tell that they had some good ideas from the start and that they tried, but the attempt didn't get them very far...

    Was kind of sad over having to give it a lower score since they wanted to go in some new directions, but the game is kind of a flat mess, honestly...

  • Review copy; Mar 1st - Mar 7th.

    Quite a bad performance here, not much accomplished at all. I realise that the score suffered a lot from the fact that the publishers neglected to include an online pass with the game, and since it was not released here it was not even possible to buy it, and without multiplayer, this game is definitely bad...

  • Below this are the games I haven't had time to finish or haven't given up on yet.






  • Late Christmas gift, started Jan 2nd.

  • Late Christmas gift, started Jan 4th.

  • European review copy received Jan 29th.

  • Got my hands on a DS! Working through some older games...

  • Got my hands on a DS! Working through some older games...

  • Got my hands on a DS! Working through some older games...

  • Purchased; Apr 14th -

    Finally, after five years I get to play this game, and it has not disappointed yet.