Nintober - 31 Villains for 31 Days

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Ah, October, my favourite month of the year rolls by once again and with it comes tales of horror and mayhem. My good friend Mark "Fryguy 64" Kelly of Nintendo Database has launched his October art project once again, a monstrous task of drawing 31 Nintendo villains over the course of this month. He first did a mini version of this in 2008, sketching 11 Nintendo villains, who were among his favourites. For two years, this project was left idle, but last year Mark entered a great drawing kick, and turned to his community for suggestions on a roster of 31 characters. That year brought great villains like Nightmare from the Metroid series, Mad Piano from Super Mario 64, and some obscure characters like the Mountain Witch from Shin Onigashima.

This year has gotten off to a great start with Dry Bowser and the Banette evolution line from Pokemon leading the pack. I know that he will deliver all sorts of great characters this year, including characters from more recent titles like Xenoblade and Spirit Camera, and of course more characters from classic Nintendo. If you have any interest in Nintendo at all, I highly suggest checking out his gallery, he already has 44 pics up from 2008, 2011, and the beginnings of 2012, and there will be 29 more coming for the month is over.

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In one final note, this year Mark is raising money for MS research. His sister is affected by the disease, and he is raising money so that someday she can live a better life beyond what she has. If you would like, you can make a donation here, but please don't feel pressured to do so, as this is all for fun and there is no obligation. Have fun with Nintober everyone!