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Favorite Nintendo characters

I wanted to leave out all the big names like Mario and Samus. I love those guys, but I feel like the list would be too bogged down with them included. I hope you like these guys too, and if you don't know them, maybe you can learn about them.

List items

  • I've been using him since I was a kid. I love his antics, and don't care that he made his debut in a sports spin-off. Waluigi is the man!

  • All around badass with a sense of humour. He needs to appear in Smash as well as all future Metroid games.

  • The goddess of nature with an attitude. She is just an awesome character all around.

  • The master of trolls. Palutena is a character that always brings a smile to my face.

  • I always had a strong affinity for Hardin. The moustache + turban made him one of the most unique characters in all his games.

  • Yes, I love his campy humor. There is no legitimate reason for people to hate him.

  • One cool customer, Falco has an attitude and wit that just wins people over.

  • A cool commander, he has tight bonds with his associates.

  • A scientist as the main character! His British voice is also perfect, exactly as I imagined him.

  • "It's Reyn time! What a bunch of Jokehs!" Yes, his dialouge and best mate attitude make him on of my favourite characters from the game.

  • The betrayed prince of Altea who went on to slay the Shadow Dragon not once but twice! His amazing spirit in the face of adversity makes him a great hero in my eyes.

  • What a funny guy. In the original game he was kind of just there, but his presence in Punch-Out Wii is amazing. I dare you to knock his chocolate bar away in Doc Louis's Punch Out!!

  • Oh Hades, what a wonderful troll you are. Never has there been a villain with so much charisma and charm like Hades. Even when he's a bastard, you still love him.

  • How can anyone dislike Wario? He's greedy and corrupt, but he's always fun to have around. Whether he's making games in Diamond City, or looking for treasure he never disappoints.

  • Wario's arch-nemesis. Is she even greedier than the big man? Maybe, but at least she shares her wealth with her pirate crew. Hopefully she'll appear again someday posing problems for Wario in the future.

  • The cold blooded assassin of Star Wolf. I loved his classy voice in 64 and the remake, but I wasn't too big on his Assault voice. I also like his desire for love in the Star Wolf ending of Command.

  • The laid back CO of the Blue Moon army who loves his naps. I just hate the way NOA edited his hat in the American version. Why?

  • When I look at Sami, I see a cool character ready for a fight. She isn't a fool like Andy, and she has more charisma than Max. A real leader character.

  • Ah the Prince of Sable, I love him because he strikes me as a cross between Marth and Wario. He starts as a greedy entitled prince, but grows into becoming a real hero. Really one of the best character developments in a game.

  • Speaking of character development, Groose has the greatest development of all Zelda characters. I love the way he starts as a bragging bully, and eventually becomes a hero who, while not as great as Link, proves to be a valuable ally all the same.

  • A cute little girl who's a demonic witch? Ko Takeuchi, you've outdone yourself. I love the entire cast of Wario Ware, but Ashley is among the best of this elite group.

  • I've come to really like her. She's a strong female protagonist who remains strong in the face of adversity, but still has a feminine side.

  • Only a wretch would grasp at the gold clinking in the pockets of others. You want to steal from a conqueror? Best pray that coin doesn't melt in hell!